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merely freckles we are

from the moon’s point of view

with a one-eyed squint

her telescope drawn

pondering our purpose

 where we went wrong

does she feel the love drift

from the earth to the sky

resisting the hatred

does it make her cry?



A quadrille poem of 44 words, including the word “freckle”.

Join in the fun at dVerse Poets Pub where I am pleased to be your host.

Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.




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  1. What an amazing descrption of the moon’s view of us earthings….merely dots, freckles in her gaze. Love this take on the prompt. LOVE the prompt too 🙂

  2. I so love the moon’s perspective Mish. We are mere dust and freckles in the scheme of the universe.

  3. Love your take on this prompt – we are merely freckles to the moon. Great prompt too!

  4. That’s a wistful point of view, Mish! I love the idea of being a freckle on the Earth’s surface, observed by the moon – but sadly I think she’s crying.

  5. I love the perspective you took on this prompt. Makes me want to rethink my own take.

  6. I like the lunar perspective wondering where we went wrong.

  7. I love your response here Mish! The moon always gets me, every time.

  8. It’s a good image of humanity, small, flat and insignificant

  9. Lady Luna, watching us from afar and wondering… magical and sorrowful at the same time.

  10. Mish, this is so beautiful. Perhaps it is the light she shed on our world that makes us cry.

  11. Mere freckles we are yet we can make the moon cry…a thoughtful poem, Mish!

  12. Beautiful and contemplative, especially the last 3 lines. Well done and thanks for hosting!

  13. How lovely! We need more people in our world to see the Earth from a distance!

  14. a lovely timely post Mish – and your freckles are ingenious

  15. That’s a wonderful perspective on freckle-ness Mish. This made for a great read.

  16. We are nothing compared to the moon, and ungrateful to boot…and yet there she is! a mystery, one of many (K)

  17. She circles endlessly. Beautifully drawn. 🌙

  18. Love the perspective of this, Mish.

  19. Really good personification, Mish,though we Earthlings aren’t all that bad. The very fact that man has the power to do evil proves that he has the power to good.


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