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My heart-voice lays low

Silent, frozen to the wall

Your actions, so perennial

Chatter again with my head-voice

A royal tête-à-tête over tea

I take mine black…and white

“You’re so vain”

Plays in the background

I bet you think this poem

Is about you




A quadrille for dVerse Poets Pub.

De gave us a “voice”, the word to include in our 44 word poems.

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  1. Love that ending, especially! And that black and white tea. 🙂

  2. I like this Mish, wonderfully witty… 🙂

  3. The heart voice and head voice, may be in conflict. Which voice is stronger?

  4. haha – I once performed a modern dance routine to that song. The group was broken down into pairs – mirror images. We didn’t get to select the song ourselves the instructor gave it to us. Challenging task.

    Clever use of the lyric…

  5. “A royal tête-à-tête over tea I take mine black…and white” — excellent!

  6. The image that strikes me most in your quadrille is the heart-voice frozen to the wall – I know that feeling, Mish. I love the twist with the song at the end.

  7. but of course it’s not! (K)

  8. I wonder if that heart voice is ever heard in such company… the end is probably about someone put not the poem

  9. Worlds divided into stark black and white blended finally in the tea, shades of Earl Grey? A heart frozen to the wall, a powerful and solicitous image, symmetry to K’s quiescent voice this q cycle… sets of 44 circling one word, how interesting so much focus on silence, bubbling through only in poems, the silent corner of the heart dismissed by the masses as erudition and glossed by the powerful as quaint, but frozen organs can beat here, truly a singular power, a mystery that draws the acolytes to the central mystery… which is this:
    I see you Mish,
    and thank you,
    but have to wonder,
    once it has pierced the
    curtain of my eyes,
    how can every poem I see…
    Not be…
    About me?

  10. GReaTesT
    Poems Vain
    MosT ALL About You
    Every One ALL Else Golden
    Rule No Harm All About You Now
    nah ‘that’
    about ‘me’
    Sadly That
    Seems That’s
    ALL ‘they’ Heard..:)

  11. great word play on that song .. where did you get this art?


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