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OH fuddle muddle

I’m in trouble

I should sciddle scaddle scuttle

The doohickey, the gobbley gook

Have taken me out for a loopy-de-loop

Ya think you know what I’m talking about

But you are stuck on a round-a-bout

Going round,

going round,

going round…..


44 words of pure nonsense. The word ” muddle” made me silly. You can join in with De’s favourite prompt over at d’verse and feel free to be more serious!


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  1. This is nice.

  2. Yesssssssssssss. So much fun with words here!
    And you KNOW I gotta love this:
    loopy-de-loop 😉

  3. THIS is a fun dance…
    being stuck instead of skipping around… we all know the difference

  4. Silly is good, Mish! You cheered me up this morning with Quadriculous – a great word! – and the rhythm of your Quadrille.

  5. Ha! Smiling I am with this delightful piece. Especially seeing that word “doohickey” – Silly fun with my second cup this morning — starting my day with a smile. Thank you!

  6. The perfect “muddle.”

  7. A muddle does seem like going in circles.

  8. I’m definitely stuck in this muddle! A fun write 😆

  9. This is great! We all have our muddled language moments…

  10. Yes!💜 This one made me smile 😀 such a delightful and light-hearted take on the prompt.

  11. So fun, Mish. And I was stuck on a round-about once with a driver who had no clue. And round and round…

  12. Wonderful, I love the image of gobbley gook spinning round in its own universe! 💜


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