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To Listen

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I hear the rustle of reeds

Where meadow meets pond

Wails and yodels of the loon

The flit-flutter of dragonfly wings

I have powwows with the stars while

Luna spills stories into my cupped hands

The stoic oak articulates to me, his fears

And I stroke his tired skin

I heed to the beat of my own heart

And the steady rhythm of silence

But when words sail from your tongue

To faraway places

I am still learning

To listen











For this week’s Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub. I am your host and I am asking you to write a poem about something you are still learning. Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.  Join us!

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  1. Oh this is wonderful… all those sounds you can learn from… you just have to listen.

  2. yes I think we are all still learning to listen. The sounds aren’t always congruent we need to listen to the wind that they blew in on, and gave them voice.

  3. ‘learning to listen’ Like Alison, that is what stood out for me. So true.

  4. Listening is something to spend a whole lifetime learning.

  5. This piece is really beautiful! I especially liked “Luna spills stories into my cupped hands.”

  6. Just love to hear the call of wild shore birds. I haven’t heard it in the city, makes me miss that country music. Thanks for the trip.

  7. Yesssssss! We were SO on the same page, Mish! I LOVE this.
    “Luna spills stories into my cupped hands”

  8. Such a great poem of learning about awareness. Your imagery is wonderful! The old oak’s tired skin. Pow Wows with the stars … so many more.

  9. A useful lesson, that of listening. Thank you for the prompt, Mish!

  10. Learning to listen – yes, We all need to do that, whether it’s the wonderful sounds around us or each other – and ‘the steady rhythm of silence’.

  11. Listening is much needed!
    I too am learning 🙂

  12. How important it is to listen, when learning!!!

  13. Beverly Crawford

    AHA! There’s the secret … learning to listen. We are so often obsessed with getting our point across we fail to hear the opinion of others, and miss an opportunity to broaden our vistas!

  14. Luna spills stories into my cupped hands…Oh, what words in here! Everything teaches us continually.

  15. This is lovely…all those sounds….

  16. Beautiful as always! A friend of mine is doing an interesting project with her art. She’s asking folks to submit poems written from viewing her pieces. I’d love to see what you might write. If you want me to send link email me I may write something too.


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