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Giggling green spring

Breathing bubble-bliss balloons

Grinning, shimmering, mmmmelt…

Cue music!

Pepper-spiced clouds dance

Freely twisting, curling

Leaves flicker, fears drizzle

Lulling dawn

Hope-filled jars spill open

Sparking rosebud dreams

Journey’s scars echo in ghosts

Creaking shadows skip

To storm’s song

Whispering bliss




A quadrille for dVerse. Grace is hosting and she has given us the word, “creak” to play with. This is week 43  for the Quadrille prompt. I challenged myself to use ALL the words. 



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  1. Love this – dreaming of that lovely season. If I could just hibernate

  2. I love how that music was lulling dawn to open ~ A challenge well done Mish ~

  3. YEAH!! All the words so very well done! Especially love the mmmmmmmelting 🙂

  4. Awesome that you used all the words so far! It’s like a trip through all the seasons of a year. 🙂

  5. Whimsical, dreamlike vibe here. Love this.


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