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You Go First

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I feel you tugging on the mask

Your grip equals my resistance

To concealing my existence

Don’t listen to my eyes

They lie


I feel you dredging up the past

Sifting fallacies from honesty

My blunders are your pleasure

Troubles I do treasure

Don’t look into my soul

It’s old


I feel your tiny shovel words

Digging deeply and discreetly

I see your mask is custom fit

Perhaps you truly will outwit

Take it off, go ahead

You go first



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We are exploring the idea of masks, psychological or metaphorical.

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  1. Oh this is so good! Very descriptive, very sensual, very…. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I wonder if we ever can peel off those masks… it takes a lot of courage, I wonder what is worse the mask or what’s beneath.

  3. Nice idea about daring someone else to take off their mask first.

  4. Delightful!!! I am thinking a grand old costume party!

  5. ‘I feel your tiny shovel words’ —inspired!

  6. Excellent and accurate!

  7. Delightful dance of two masks.Really well put together.

  8. We do try to get behind these masks..

  9. Oh Mish! I agree with Paul! I love the shape, the resistance in the first stanza and the lines
    ‘Don’t listen to my eyes
    They lie’.
    I also like the deft use of rhyme.
    My favourite lines:
    ‘I feel your tiny shovel words
    Digging deeply and discreetly’
    and the ending!

  10. “You go first!” … I love it. Great imagery in this one.

  11. Love the dichotomy between revelation and concealment demonstrated by the dialogue! Great diction and lyrical word choice!

  12. I think we all wear masks Mish – this is how we survive..Anna :o]

  13. Such truth spoken here in such a beautifully descriptive way. I love it!

  14. This was splendid! What a great thought flow. Moved by these lines:

    “Don’t listen to my eyes, they lie”
    “Don’t look into my soul, It’s old”

  15. The tendency is to refuse to comply when someone issues a dare. Human nature takes over!


  16. Love the prompt, Mish. And most especially these words in your post:

    “I feel your tiny shovel words
    Digging deeply and discreetly”

  17. Old soul, lying eyes.We pry with questions (I do), in an effort to get to the real. And too often mine is cemented too. One of my favorites is the velveteen rabbit…no mask, tattered and torn, yet loved.

  18. Laura Bloomsbury

    terrifically terse re a toxic twosome – with some great lines – especially love
    “Sifting fallacies from honesty

    My blunders are your pleasure”

  19. A scary proposition to go first. To truly reveal what is under the mask.

  20. Love the vulnerable, but daring nature of this.


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