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We bobble like iron bubbles

Anchored to docks of despair

Waving flags, still bragging

About love of country

Humble hearts whisper

In feathers, doves

But hope does not float

Intentions are stuck in

Stagnant sea scum

Blood flows and God knows

We are tired



Written for this week’s Quadrille prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub

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  1. Oh, so tired. This is well done.

  2. I guess the tiredness of impatience tests hope.

  3. “Bubbles of iron”, man that sounds like real agony. Talk about despair. That’s really heavy. Great imagery!

  4. Gorgeous:
    “Humble hearts whisper
    In feathers, doves”

  5. “God knows we are tired” … but hope springs eternal.

  6. So tired… pride coupled with hope can lead you wrong or right,,,,,

  7. THIS:
    “But hope does not float
    Intentions are stuck in
    Stagnant sea scum
    Blood flows and God knows
    We are tired”
    I am reminded of the myriad of mass shootings in this country and the many who stand in prayer afterwards….and do not understand there are some commonsense meeting grounds for all to work with. When Sandy Hook happened, I thought, surely then. Sadly not. I do not understand.

  8. This is so powerful. We are tired, echoing so many. When does one finally give up?
    I also thought of Fannie Lou Hamer’s famous phrase, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

  9. We are so tired, aren’t we…..But I have a flicker of hope though…

  10. I once lived on one of those “iron bubbles”. This really hits me where I exist right now. I’m sad that you’re tired, but at least I’m not alone. Exceptionally well-written work. Thank you.


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