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“We are all just prisoners here

of our own device.”

Well isn’t that nice….

Robotic, hypnotic little

Sheep grinning, grazing

On bits and bytes of

Techno trash and hashtags

Phubbing our friends

There’s a word for that?

Doesn’t deserve one

We sulk like fools

In our own game

Propagating our own pain

Immunized, mesmerized

Publicized, then wondering why

Our hearts hurt

And our heads are spinning

This is the fork in the road

My friends

The end

Or the beginning



Hope you enjoyed “Musical Muse”, my offering as a poetic prompt this week at dVerse Poets Pub. Choose some lyrics, preferably one line from a favorite song and grow your own poem from it. You are not limited to the original theme of the song. Instead, forge your own poetic path.

**Quote is from the lyrics of “Hotel California”, The Eagles

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  1. The information superhighway is the death of civilization. Social media is teaching us all to be couch potatoes

  2. We are becoming a civilization of hash tags and like/love/wow/sad/angry clickers. I have 12 FB friends and guess what – they are all members of dVerse. I don’t think social media is teach us to become couch potatoes – we have been couch slugs since the radio was invented. But we have become email walkers…we don’t look around us because we are so busy checking our email/text. Sad. “Immunized, mesmerized Publicized, then wondering why
    Our hearts hurt”….geez louise. So true Mish.

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  4. Very befitting the times we live in. I too thought of our descent into the bottomless pit of social media. Great commentary on our social median infected world. It’s known to cause or deepen depression and heartache.

  5. This is fantastic….the fluidity, rhymes…have to admit I missed it when the word ‘phubbing’ was coined…it’s a great word. Nobody likes to be phubbed even our dogs.

  6. Sometimes I wonder where we are heading… but just maybe we can find a way to adopt to a world like this… and maybe we are just doing it at this time.

  7. I remember the song so well and I love where you have taken this Mish ☺💜 I am so grateful I grew up before all this existed and use social media only sparingly 😉

  8. I love how you turned that old lyric into a thoroughly modern call to action or plea for a return to human interaction. Very nicely done!

  9. I liked these lines:
    “We sulk like fools

    In our own game

    Propagating our own pain”

  10. Yes, we are not mobile devices. Nor or we just mobile devices to move our mobile devices elsewhere.


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