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I find my religion

in song and stars

not far from the dazzle

of dew drops at dawn

in chiseled red rock

set aglow by the sun

in the voice of the trees

that silence me

strokes of pastel

over indigo skies

moonlight shadows

that dance in my eyes

the strength of the spider web

in gale’s great force

and of course

it all feels magical


Paul is tending bar at dVerse Poets Pub today and he has us brewing up a little magic into our poems.

Want to read some enchanting poetry?  Feel free to join in. Just wave your magic wand over this: 

*** MAGIC***

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  1. You are indeed blessed with this magical poem. I find my religion in song and stars..beautiful.

  2. I never did seek religion–that always seemed too limiting; for me the quest was always the pursuit of spirit, of soul lyrics, of metaphysical puzzle pieces, of voyages within & beyond galaxies.

  3. I think independent of religion the true magic will be in all the wonders nature has to offer… love the list you have created.

  4. I love how you find your religion in all the magic our world has to offer, a true blessing ☺💖 xxx

  5. That we are hear at all experiencing anything is amazing in itself.

  6. Mish this is full of my kinda magic. The wonderful mystery of spirit through matter. Blessed indeed.

  7. If the whole world worships nature and receives its magic, it will be a better place to live. Great poem.

  8. I find my spirituality in nature too. Lovely verse.

  9. Sharp imagery and i love the last three lines, the rhymed ones followed by the unrhymed full stop is very effective!


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