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I wish love grew as ivy

Boundless, disencumbered

Sprouting across spaces

Rainbows of faces

As we sway hand in hand


I wish for seas

Of selfish hearts to crash

Against rocky reefs

Dissolve and dilute

In harbors of integrity


I wish for all clichéd

World peace, homemade

Stirred, simmered, seasoned

With the very gifts

That God gave us


I wish for stars

To forever befuddle me

Amaze me, allude me

Remain unreachable

So I never stop reaching

 …and wishing


As your host today at dVerse Poets Pub, I am asking you to leave your worries at the door. Make a wish and write a poem about it. It may be a personal longing or a global vision. Your poem can be serious, humorous or whimsical.

Join us for some “Wishful Thinking”. Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.


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  1. I wish this too!!! Beautifully written without being sentimental — oh how I love this prompt! 🙂

  2. I do love that wish to be befuddled too… I should never have studied Physics. Fortunately i think I can still be amazed by other things…

  3. What an amazing poem this is! I love every word of it. It is true and not sentimental one iota. Wonderful wishes. may they all come true.

  4. Oh, Mish. I do so love this prompt, and I LOVE your piece. Especially this:
    “I wish for stars

    To forever befuddle me

    Amaze me, allude me”

    That “befuddle” is one of those brilliant word choices I envy. Right place, right time. Disarming and perfect.

  5. I once appeared in the play BAAL. The last line, as he is dying, reaching out, is “Stars”. A lovely reverent & intoxicating piece/peace, indeed. But, for me, quantum physics did not dampen my hunger to understand the cosmos, it heightened it.

  6. This has to be my favourite stanza – it could stand on its own:
    ‘I wish for seas
    Of selfish hearts to crash
    Against rocky reefs
    Dissolve and dilute
    In harbors of integrity’
    and those lines:
    ‘I wish for stars
    To forever befuddle me’.
    It’s important to retain some mystery!

  7. This is absolutely exquisite writing ❤ especially love the images ‘I wish for stars to forever befuddle me. Amaze me, allude me. Remain unreachable so I never stop reaching…and wishing’ ❤ Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  8. This is so lovely and loving, Mish. Over the weekend I heard, related to the canonization of Mother Teresa, that she said that we need to make world peace happen within our families. It seems so reasonable.

    • Thank you, Victoria. I strongly believe that is the only way there can be change….one by one, child by child actually. Empathy needs to be nurtured early.

  9. “I wish for seas

    Of selfish hearts to crash

    Against rocky reefs

    Dissolve and dilute

    In harbors of integrity” …a most beautiful death wish i’ve ever read…may this become true…

  10. I feel more positive after reading this wish list.

  11. THank you, Mish, for the prompt and this wonderful poem! Agree. 🙂

  12. There IS A road lined with
    trees on both sides.. a distant
    place of dreams new each
    now.. a day
    of present
    that never
    as fruition
    more as wishes
    become more than
    arrears of yesteryearsnows..
    and there was a day of great
    darkness for me.. a hypnotherapist
    psychologist attempting to trance me
    believing that my pain would go away..
    i looked in her fish tank and
    saw those aquarium
    walls of pain..
    i looked to
    the painting
    of that road without
    even a distant spark of hope..
    and she told me about Milton Erickson..
    in a wheel chair who said humans can
    do whatever they believe to do next real..
    basically the father of medical hypnosis
    as insurance will pay for this therapy
    as a proven one to work.. but
    not without emotions as
    i had lost mine..
    there was
    no way
    for it to work..
    as emotions are the glue
    of iSREaL magic… the powers of human
    that spark the impossible into miracles
    iSREAL.. and trance is to let go of the
    beta wave worry mind to go deeper
    in letting unconscious positive
    emotions nuanced rise
    to closer
    from alpha
    to theta brain
    wave mind now
    guide and master
    of what inspires next..
    to be as what is fELt
    comes to
    be isReAL..
    N o W as liFE..
    i’ve lEarned now to
    master trance by just
    moving my body in flow
    for seconds.. and the reason
    i can leg press close to half a ton
    for 33 times at my gym.. and write
    all these words.. in flow with never
    thinking at all.. is the deeper parT fearless as
    me rises to fruition.. as this dream trance rises
    the cream to the top of my existence.. fearless
    love.. my friend.. comes deep deep deep from within..
    thatT painting of those trees and that road now iS onE
    that goes to inFinity more of MoVinG strength and creativity now..
    as Stamina CreaTinG
    for fearless
    Love mY FriEnd..
    never ever to be less than more now..
    thanks for this prompt.. Mish.. it IS A gifT..:)

  13. I am new to dVerse, Mish, but I am so glad that my first day with the poetry is your prompt on Wishful thinking. As I read your poem as well as the others (even in writing my own poem response), I am realizing how important dreaming is to living a creative life. A life worth living. I especially found your focus on reaching and unreachable a fascinating paradox — that resonated with me. Thank you for sharing your poem!

  14. These are some wonderful wishes, indeed.

  15. Ah, beautiful wishes. I love the last paragraph best. It is good to have that sense of wonder and magic for the world around us. I think that makes us more loving and caring of others.

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  17. Really lovely and lyrical. And such good wishes, too.

  18. Wonderful read! I love this wishilicious poem and prompt! ❤️

  19. Beautiful wishes, all of them.


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