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I Wish

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I wish love grew as ivy

Boundless, disencumbered

Sprouting across spaces

Rainbows of faces

As we sway hand in hand


I wish for seas

Of selfish hearts to crash

Against rocky reefs

Dissolve and dilute

In harbors of integrity


I wish for all clichéd

World peace, homemade

Stirred, simmered, seasoned

With the very gifts

That God gave us


I wish for stars

To forever befuddle me

Amaze me, allude me

Remain unreachable

So I never stop reaching

 …and wishing


As your host today at dVerse Poets Pub, I am asking you to leave your worries at the door. Make a wish and write a poem about it. It may be a personal longing or a global vision. Your poem can be serious, humorous or whimsical.

Join us for some “Wishful Thinking”. Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.


If Wishes Were Whales

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All that I wish for
Lies by the sea
Swept in by the riptides
Between ridges in seashells
Gold dust under the glow
Of the 3 o’clock sun
They collect in my bucket
Of dreams to come true
They have nothing
To do with you
And if wishes were whales
My dreams would come true
To see both smiles
That look like mine
Bursting in laughter
Peace in hearts torn
Relief for minds ravaged
Stars in the sky
Sun in my eyes
To trample a trail of my own
Have strangers for tea
Stand spellbound and free
On an isle in the sea
Watching the humpback
Rise to the surface
Just for me
If wishes were whales
My dreams would come true