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Dear Moon

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October 139


If you are so authentic
Then why are you so mystical?
Caught between the muse
Of actual and magical

If you are so luminous
They why am I so blind
To a beauty so timeless
Celestial, sublime?

Undeniable and present
So classically placed
Are you oblivious to lovers
In awe of your face?

Moon beams and the man
It’s almost clichéd
Are you amused that I assume
That you will light my way?


Grace has us musing at the moon for Poetics. I wouldn’t normally re-post a poem, but I don’t believe I have shared this one with dVerse.  C’mon over. Be inspired by the moon and some amazing poetry.

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  1. She IS a bit two-faced, isn’t she? 😉 I love this, as I am always equally intrigued by her darker side…

  2. I love this! I too am always intrigued by her darkside. The first stanza of this grabbed and held me through the entire poem.

  3. Her beauty is timeless and celestial. I hope the moon will always light our way.

    Thanks for joining us Mish. Hope your week is a good one 🙂

  4. I do love how you mentioned how she could be clicheed… and how it might amuse her…

  5. So classically placed
    Are you oblivious to lovers
    In awe of your face?

    Is the moon so inconsiderate as to disregard the many lonely hearts pining for her? Yes, Mish, good question that had bothered many through the ages. Like this part! It leaves the question open as long as there is a moon seen!


  6. The moon will always be mystical it is her allure, even in darkness she turns heads…


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