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Pelee Island 364

“Same view from where I am
grass and sky and trees
Please let me travel elsewhere
to see the sea”

“Rooted” – Viv Blake


Journey me

Ferry me gently

To new horizons


I’ll be the fizzle

In the seafoam

The iridescent dazzle

Of sun satiny shores

Dance me dizzy

Until I fall giggly into

Cotton batten clouds

Quilted for me

Journey me

To the sea


We have begun a week long celebration for our 5th Anniversary of dVerse Poets Pub. Grace started us off with an interview with Brian Miller, co-founder of dVerse. Today we are writing quadrilles including the word “journey”. During our two week break, we were very saddened to lose one of our most active participants, a very talented poet, Viv Blake. I was inspired by her poem, “Rooted” as I wrote this piece. This one’s for you, Viv.

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  1. a most beautiful tribute to Viv….”Then…let…me…go” one could feel the breath of freedom in the pauses….poignant yet joyful and comforting for the new journey taken….

  2. A most gentle and kind tribute to Vivienne.. she left a huge impact upon our lives. May she rest in peace… Amen.

  3. First of all… i love the thought of being journeyed it’s something so special in that thought that make it such a fitting tribute… secondly I love how you have used a quote from Viv…happy poeming.

  4. Then let me go….that line really stood out for me. A lovely tribute to Viv with her lovely quilts Mish.

  5. This is absolutely a beautifully written tribute to Viv. After her passing, I spent some time on her site and found her quilting, her words, her spirit. You’ve captured it all here. Isn’t it something how knowing her online, reading her words to us, her poetry, enabled an intimacy that makes us miss her — even though some of us, most of us, have never “seen” her? Her quotation here — and her spirit within your words. Beautifully done.

  6. A nice way to link to Viv’s spirit and poetry. It’s such a happy poem, full of sound and effervescence.

  7. I love the sounds of this. It’s such a unique and fitting tribute (though I haven’t been around enough to really know Viv). Lovely images and language here.

  8. “I’ll be the fizzle/in the sea foam”…that line is almost like Viv saying that she may be gone, but in so many task ways, she is still here with us.

  9. Gorgeous and brought tears to my eyes. She left us such a legacy and you have given them to us yet again in this beautiful poem with her quote. Let me go….yes, let her go to live among the sea foam and clouds and stars. Beautiful

  10. I could hear Vivienne intone these words; “…Ferry me gently To new horizons Then…let…me…go” She lives in her words now. And as long as we recollect the spirit in them, she will remain! I love this one, Mish!

  11. This is a truly amazing piece of work! I love the fizzle in the seafoam. Great imagery! Wonderful tribute to a great person.

  12. This is a gorgeous, frothy wonder. Take me there too.

  13. Ah, Viv touched so many people. This is beautiful, light but meaningful.

  14. Oh my…so stunning. Just the beginning quote set it up for me but I love your imagery…fizzle, dazzle, giggly. How perfect.

  15. This is just beautiful and so touching. I clicked on the link to her poem and spent some time over at Viv’s reminiscing. Thanks, Mish.

  16. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Very lovely.

  17. Yeah, that captures her well.

  18. Beautiful thoughts of Viv’s final journey…a lovely and loving poem.

  19. I think she must be smiling at all these wonderful tributes from her new place. There is something freeing about the sea.


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