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Pelee Island 364

“Same view from where I am
grass and sky and trees
Please let me travel elsewhere
to see the sea”

“Rooted” – Viv Blake


Journey me

Ferry me gently

To new horizons


I’ll be the fizzle

In the seafoam

The iridescent dazzle

Of sun satiny shores

Dance me dizzy

Until I fall giggly into

Cotton batten clouds

Quilted for me

Journey me

To the sea


We have begun a week long celebration for our 5th Anniversary of dVerse Poets Pub. Grace started us off with an interview with Brian Miller, co-founder of dVerse. Today we are writing quadrilles including the word “journey”. During our two week break, we were very saddened to lose one of our most active participants, a very talented poet, Viv Blake. I was inspired by her poem, “Rooted” as I wrote this piece. This one’s for you, Viv.

For Viv

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A tear surprised my face today
as lavender and sweet bouquets
swayed gently to the clarinet

A tear surprised my face today
for all you penned upon a page
when petals drop before they fade

A tear surprised my face today
though we had never met


In memory of Viv Blake, a beautiful lady and talented poet who graced the dVerse community as well as others.  She will surely be missed by many who loved her and admired her.  We will continue to be blessed by her words and spirit.

Rest in peace and sunshine, Viv.