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From the Beginning

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Artist: Claudia Schoenfeld , Used with Permission


I once made love to these keys
Caressing each one, stretching
For octaves beyond my reach

My heart beating in staccato
As you spoke to me in theory
Allegro, crescendo, larghetto

Marble bust of Beethoven glared
And I cared…not


An attempt at a sevenling for the 2nd day of celebration at dVerse Poets Pub. Victoria has interviewed one of our co-founders, Claudia Schoenfeld who has lent us some of her fabulous artwork for inspiration. You can find more of her art and poetry at painterindahouse and Jaywalkingthemoon.

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  1. Lol. my mom was big on piano…and that fell to my sister to be tortured with…luckily…but we had the busts on the top of the piano as well..they always looked so serious….seriously, they need to loosen up and just let the music take them…which it sounds like, you did….

  2. Ha! I imagine you either ignored the august Beethoven or, sometimes glared back. They soon traded my piano lessons with violin lessons and those I loved. Now I wish I could play the piano. Go figure. But I do enjoy this glimpse into your unadulthood.

  3. i started to play the piano when i was about 28 – music theory is not so much loved – ha – but yeah – necessary…

  4. Ha.. sometimes you just have to glare back… 🙂

  5. Beethoven can be so judgy.

  6. This is such a delight. I love the image of stretching Beyond the octave. Been there and done that. Great metaphor.

  7. sooo love the close…

  8. Such an elegant poem 🙂 Especially love the images of “My heart beating in staccato as you spoke to me in theory, allegro, crescendo, larghetto.” Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  9. Loved this – esp the first line.

  10. I had one of those chalky busts staring at me while I practised also. Perfect ending!

  11. The ending made me smile…I love the unexpected twist Mish ~ Love your sevenling ~

  12. Wonderful sevenling, Mish. Great ending!

  13. Gorgeous wordplay love it!

  14. Oh, this takes me back to my own struggles with piano lessons.

  15. Hey, if you ever want to pair any of my art with your beautiful words I’d be honored!!


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