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God didn’t put walls in the forest

Where eagles rise with the tailwinds

And chlorophyll canopies shadow dance

Over moss carpet floors


Morning glory knows no barriers

Roots of the gnarled oak

Venture out in every direction

Baring their bones to the sun


Willows welcome the lark’s sweet song

Arms reach out without thought

Embracing those that walk peaceful paths

Embracing those that do not




  Written for dVerse Poet’s Pub – Open Link Night

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  1. I like the ‘free’ feel of your poem, the absence of boundaries in Nature, the idea that there are no limits but also the soft, comforting ending – “Embracing those that walk peaceful paths / Embracing those that do not’ – that seem to imply welcome and love have no limits either.

  2. I especially love those last two lines.. so lovely whatever embrace nondiscriminatory.. the forest as a role model.. I like that.

  3. No, God did not put walls in the forest; perhaps we all should learn a lesson from that! Smiles.

  4. We have to be careful of the walls we build,
    what protects us – also separates us.

  5. I love the second stanza and also the last two lines of the poem. You’ve given me a lot to ponder.

  6. the rain falls on the righteous and others, doesn’t it.

  7. And the pages of God’s breath breathes effortless
    without tress of bark withheld.. in spiraling way
    of endless power and without… this
    Love is far beyond human love in
    strength and love and
    courage.. just
    be.. and
    never ever

  8. I really like this. Green forests are among my favourite places.

  9. Insightful…love the deeper message with the willows embrace 🙂

  10. I like the image of the roots venturing out in all directions. I often think about roots as a grounded/fixed idea, but you give them freedom and opportunities.

  11. There are no walls indeed, and we embrace those who wants to walk in peace with us or not ~ Thoughtful write and I love your picture ~

  12. Gorgeous photo paired with beautiful thoughts…God’s creation reflects His spacious grace.


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