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Collaboration for Peace – 7

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Candy and I have united with photography and poetry. These collaborations are a very small example of how perfect strangers can work together, be inspired by each other and share a passion for peace.


Single Drop

Image by Candace Kubinec


Life is delicate, intricate

Complicated, segregated

But one heart still beats

At the center of existence

One soul still strives

To be one with all


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God didn’t put walls in the forest

Where eagles rise with the tailwinds

And chlorophyll canopies shadow dance

Over moss carpet floors


Morning glory knows no barriers

Roots of the gnarled oak

Venture out in every direction

Baring their bones to the sun


Willows welcome the lark’s sweet song

Arms reach out without thought

Embracing those that walk peaceful paths

Embracing those that do not




  Written for dVerse Poet’s Pub – Open Link Night


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No shame in coming forward

Words felt and unspoken

Are like sweet petals in the wind

Voices transcend to resolutions

Presentation is communication

And you may be the missing link

In this daisy chain

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

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April 13 080

Flags of two countries

Soaking in the same light

Equally burdened

Nuzzled by the night

Common Ground

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There is a common ground we walk on

Dirt, sand, rock, mud

It doesn’t matter

It is the place for our feet to walk

To rest, to run

Where balance begins

To align our spine, our soul

A comparable  posture

That life is hard

It can beat you down

To a place where

Hands and knees

Are only required

There is a common ground we walk on

Gravel, grass, ice, clay

The surface may vary

But the purpose does not

We march, we skip, we fall

To the drum of hope

To the sound of sorrow

In a global orchestra

Parading on pavement

For the same goals

The same desires

To live in peace

Or simply to live