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Speaking of Peace

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We are but one decibel in the scream

One whisper of insight, unspoken

Tongues too frozen to speak

Or are we tone deaf to the sound of

Fingers running along wind chimes?

Glass, bamboo, shells, stones, porcelain, metal, wood

All different

Dangling in the same sweet sea breeze

Tapping on each others hearts

To find perfect harmony


Truth, peace, harmony, love” are part of the poetic prompt at dVerse this week.

Also written for Artists4Peace.

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  1. Wonderful, all the different elements making music in the same sweet breeze. That is so lovely.

  2. Such a lovely message, I hear the sounds of peace ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  3. Ah you have such a beautiful perspective in here – thank you – I think it gives a completeness to my prompt. Wonderfully done.

  4. Ah.. yes.. the river.. the sand.. the ocean.. the spring Knows no language of human
    discontent fueled by Guns of human rites.. of passage back nowhere.. much of all..:)

  5. Beautiful message here!

  6. I love how it starts with a scream but move to windchimes into peace.. wonderful message of peace.

  7. Lovely poem. I love windchimes and using it as a symbol of peace is a wonderful thought.

  8. Oh, I love this. The sound of wind chimes seems to me like prayers–so evocative. This reminds me of a time I spent in Sedona, AZ, shell wind chimes and such a peaceful energy.

  9. Lovely poem Mish thanks for sending it over. Will post shortly 🙂

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