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Then and Now

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Heart like a kick drum solo
Surely they can hear it
Against pin dropping silence
Waiting for my name
The R’s, here we go
Oh no
Stomach churning, wheels turning
Static percussion, blurred
Am I here?
I don’t want to be here
I hate the first day of school

Heart on my sleeve
Some take it, some leave it but
I’m against pin dropping silence
Rise up, be heard
Here we go, let’s go
No no
Won’t fake it, I will make it
Mind enlightened,
Here is all we have
Savoring each breath
Loving each day of life


Written for dVerse Poetics: Back to School

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Speaking of Peace

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We are but one decibel in the scream

One whisper of insight, unspoken

Tongues too frozen to speak

Or are we tone deaf to the sound of

Fingers running along wind chimes?

Glass, bamboo, shells, stones, porcelain, metal, wood

All different

Dangling in the same sweet sea breeze

Tapping on each others hearts

To find perfect harmony


Truth, peace, harmony, love” are part of the poetic prompt at dVerse this week.

Also written for Artists4Peace.

Dearest Self

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So I’ll let you know now

Not that it matters

‘Cuz there’s no stopping this time train

But I just thought you might

Appreciate some tips

Put away these 5 things

Paper money, photographs, a map

Sensitivity and creativity

I suppose I could have 3D projected

This info but I didn’t want to freak you out

Holograms are in these days

Soon you’ll be scanning yourself for disease

They’ll send you the results via…

Yep, you guessed it

Dr. Hologram

And as we battle over nothing in space

I’ll picture you

Sitting by your retro gas fireplace

Natural, of course

Sipping on green tea

We don’t do natural anymore

Take trees for example…

Yes, take a tree

Maybe a small bonsai you can hide

Because you’ll be charged extra just for having one

Advice from the heart…

Don’t let them implant anything in your head

Life was better before becoming an Android

“Look above you- it’s raining
Look around- there’s a flood
Who can say when it started,
but now the ghost is in our blood”



Grace at dVerse has asked us to imagine the future and write a poem or letter to ourselves in the here and now. The last stanza is from a poem by Ben Burke.


Peaceful Intentions

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September 2011 739



We have not even begun
To make peace
We simply roll it around
With our tongues
Stand united in multicultural scenes
Singing in different languages to
Candy coat the truth
We pray for it
We stand for it
Make demands for it
But we don’t know peace
Because we don’t know
What we’ve never had
It has yet to be created
And that takes wisdom
Not war
That takes a plan
Not a song
That takes love
Not hate
That takes you and me
And everyone else on this earth
To look inside their hearts
Forgive, forget, reset
And start again
Do you think that will happen?

We have not even begun
To make hope
We simply………



Please visit Artists4Peace

Freshly Peeved: Sign Out, Stats and Other Random Changes

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Change can be good. Change can be awesome. Some changes have no apparent benefit, however. This seems to be the case with the recent changes to the WP reader, icons and stats page.

If you like to navigate from the reader like I do, then you may share some of my beefs.

I can’t sign out directly from the reader. The usual gravatar icon at the top right no longer responds when I hover over it. If I click on it, it takes me to my Profile page, somewhere I would rarely go. I have to go to “My Sites” first, click on “View Site”at the left of the page, hover over that and from the more familiar drop down, finally sign out. That would be 3 clicks and a hover. I give that two thumbs down.

The new Stats Page is very blue, very boring and very unappealing. Not everyone looks at their stats page, but I’ll admit that I do. I like to know if others enjoy my writing, which topics are more popular that I write about, from what countries around the world are other bloggers tuning in. etc. The original stats page is bold, well organized and easy to read. The new one…uh..not so much.

I have no idea how to get to my own gravatar page now…not that I care, I guess.

Those lovely, encouraging orange stars that used to show up at the top right while I browsed my reader….gone. Ding Dong…it’s a bell…hmm…could this be for the holiday season??

I can still get to the original stats page…if I click on my blog first….oh wait….first I must click on My Sites, then in tiny letters “View site”…is this sounding familiar? Once I get into my blog the top toolbar looks like old times. I can click on the stats icon on the left that looks like a graph or I can hover over the little gravatar which will also give me the option of the original stats page. So as it seems, at this moment there are two versions of the stats page.

SO…do you want to voice your opinions?

If you visit the forums (that is, if you can find them) you can read what others are saying about the new changes and add your two cents if you’d like. “Massive changes to the WP interface” and “Missing Sign Out” are two active discussions at the moment.

You can tell WP what you think of the new Stats page by completing the survey they provided on the My Sites page. Click on “Give us your feedback”.

Click on, click off…..oh I wish I could just clap my hands or click my heels and things would go back to normal in the blogosphere.

Misty Muse

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November 029

Seasons play with my perspective
Bending my evergreen thoughts
That dabble in serenity’s streams
Finding new ways to make me believe
That my life is a calendar

But I cannot pencil in peace of mind
Capsules of pain still hang
Bittersweet droplets of dew on the pines
Fighting gravity, wasting time
Landing on fickle forest floors



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October 298

Every change leaves a mark

And some are beautiful