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We put ink to paper

A slow release of demons

Taking up valuable space

Indigo tears dripping

As loud as rain on tin

Echoing with validation

Heart and soul precipitation

We are deafened

By our own definitions

Of tragedy and defeat

Blinded by the sandstorms

We carelessly create

Still we reach for the reservoir

Spellbound by the flow

Of this cursive dance

We put ink to paper


Another one for dVerse. It’s been a great week. As a poetic prompt, we were asked to choose a line from one of two poems by Brian Miller or Claudia Schonfeld. The line I chose was “we put ink to paper” in Claudia’s poem. You can check them both out at dVerse Poet’s Pub.


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  1. Very nicely done…I like the flow of this and the
    “indigo tears dripping as loud as rain on tin” got to me.

  2. some very cool metaphors about writing in this. Loved the repetition of sounds in the lines “We are deafened
    By our own definitions”

  3. nice intensity to this..and that is what writing is…a releasing of demons at times…and loved the lines on being deafened by our own definitions….solid bit of ars poetica…

  4. loved the line about Indigo tears.. so well written

  5. the things that need an overflow…. and what we create in writing them down…. making space… i like that.. i often breathe more easy after releasing what needed to be put to paper..

  6. The things we pour into that ink.. A wonderful cadence to this.

  7. Wow, I really, really enjoyed it. The rhythm and rhyme made me start singing it with a rap beat. But then I had to pause because I notice deep meaning — coherent (not rambling free-association), so I read again, and then again – “spell bound”. You got me.
    The repeated line was powerful.

  8. We put ink to paper… A slow release of demons…. Taking up valuable space
    Yes, we have to, don’t we? And it feels so good to release them. WONDERFUL!

  9. So much in this – releasing demons, indigo tears, sandstorms we create….such a beyond excellent poem on writing and what is in us.

  10. You chose a great line to start from and I enjoyed your exploration of why and how you ‘put ink to paper’. I also liked the image of the ‘indigo tears’.

  11. β€œindigo tears dripping as loud as rain on tin” – so vivid and vibrant. Nicely done, I enjoyed it so much.

  12. Mish, this is fantastic–I identify so much with it. If I couldn’t write, I don’t know who I’d be. I especially love the lines:

    Indigo tears dripping

    As loud as rain on tin


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