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Drafting Poetry

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Melanie at inspired me to try out some poetry formats so I gave it a whirl. This one is called a “cinquain”.

Quoting from her blog, a cinquain  is:  “A five line poem with no rhyme scheme or meter; each line has a set number of words and a specific function.  No words can be repeated.   

Line 1 – one word that names the subject 

Line 2 – two words (adjective(s) and/or noun(s)) that describe the subject 

Line 3 – Three verbs that describe actions related to the subject   

Line 4 – Four words that express a feeling about the subject 

Line 5 – One word that refers to or is a synonym for the subject.”




Suffolk Punch taking some time off. I took these at an organic farm in Southwestern Ontario where the owners maintain the traditional use of draft horses.

I horse DSCF7039


Powerful structure

Pulling, plowing, performing

Beautiful beast of burden


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  1. I can barely write coherent sentences, I’m not sure I could do this, but it might be fun to try. Great post!

  2. Thanks Peace~Love. If I can do it, so can you. 😉
    I love your blog.

  3. Great job! I’m glad to take credit for inspiring you 🙂

    You took the form and shined!

  4. This is fantastic. Excellent job.


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