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Journey of Empathy

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March 21st 2011 weekend in Las Vegas 231

Not all passages are smooth

And some have traveled long

On winding, washed out trails

That led to nowhere

It takes so little

To pave their stony path

Tiny offerings of hope and comfort

Can burnish a bumpy road

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  1. This is so, so true..From a simple smile to words of affirmation to someone in need of kind words can equal to ‘tiny offerings of hope and comfort’..Its something that comes naturally to me; and you’d be amazed how many people tell me its something they look forward to..Hearing positive words/sentiment isn’t widespread these days; so people are drawn to it when they’re near it. (quite honestly those are the type of people I’m drawn to also..)

  2. These were the perfect words (and image) for my morning. 🙂


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