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Collaboration for Peace – 26

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Candy and I hope you find some time to slow down and marvel at the everyday bumps in your life.



Ordinary Marvels


I longed for beauty –
collecting it in the things
and people surrounding me
filling the shelves of
my life with shiny knick-knacks
discarding anyone, anything
that didn’t sparkle
and when the glimmer, shimmer, glow
began to fade – showing itself
a temporary pleasure
I began to wonder at the
ordinary – to marvel at the
bumps and thorns that
make life real


© Candace Kubinec

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

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up close flower

This week’s photo challenge gave way to so many possibilities. I have been a bit of a macro maniac lately but I decided to take a fresh one after yesterday’s rain. I like the random shapes of the water droplets and the flower’s imperfections.

Beauty is never perfect.

Check out more interpretations of “close up” at The Daily Post.

Tree Killers

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DSCF4750DSCF4746DSCF4738DSCF4749How dare they

You were here first

Planted firmly, deep in soil

Casting shadows in the grass

Making rings for each year passed

A hefty price they paid

To bring you in dead

…..or dead

Roped and tied as if you’d run

You’ve stood your ground, oh rooted one

 Branches reach toward the sun

One last time

As if begging for mercy

Now I watch your severed limbs

 Turn into tiny chips

For pretentious gardens

And meaningless mulch

You may not be missed by those

Who mindlessly maim you

But I will miss you

My friend from over the fence

I will miss your undeniable presence

Your glorious stature

They can only kill you

But I will miss you


Drafting Poetry

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Melanie at inspired me to try out some poetry formats so I gave it a whirl. This one is called a “cinquain”. Quoting from her blog, a cinquain  is:  “A five line poem with no rhyme scheme or meter; each line has a set number of words and a specific function.  No words can be repeated.    […]


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Neon sun

Ignite my sky

Radiate my soul

Illuminate my heart

Set my mind ablaze

With brilliant words

To detail your dazzle

And rave of your radiance

For I have none

That give justice to

This smoldering wonder

This fire before me

July 2013 035

July 2013 041

July 2013 052

July 2013 056

July 2013 057

July 2013 058

July 2013 060

July 2013 062

Unedited shots taken near our home in southwestern Ontario. 

Snow Smitten

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Winter has finally spoken in our little southwestern town of Ontario.

Maybe it was waiting to make this eloquant entrance, to blow us away with it’s beauty and grace.

Dancing featherweight flakes…….

Fluff at your feet feels fabulous……

Cozy white blankets on bushes……

Silouetting sleeves of white sit perfectly on branches…..

Until  over zealous blasts of air quickly send them to the ground.