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I Am Not

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the seed nestled in your heart

sun seeking, speaking hope

or the roots anchoring

forging your path

I am not buds bursting

or glisten of leaves in the vineyard

I am not your grapevine, baby

or the wine so divine

I am the trellis

Written for Linda’s Quadrille prompt at dverse Poets Pub.

44 words not including the title.

Add a splash of “wine”

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  1. How perfect this is Mish!

  2. what a clever and fun poem to read-
    ” am not your grapevine, baby”

    all the am nots give a sense of expectation as to the dénouement: ‘trellis’ -perfect!

  3. I love this–that last line is perfect! Wonderful!

  4. Like this perspective Mish — strong write.

  5. ooh, this one is powerful. It left me in awe of this speaker’s confidence and knowledge of self-worth.

  6. Everyone needs a trellis sometimes. Support and beauty. Lovely write.

  7. The last line is absolute perfection. And here I sat reading wondering whatever you where if not all those other things.

  8. Nice one

    Happy Easter


  9. Beverly Crawford

    Ah, the trellis is so much more dependable!

  10. Oh, now I want to steal your trellis metaphor sooooo bad.

  11. I love your twist at the end! Great poem!

  12. Ahhh, I love this Mish! You had me at Trellis! I was not expecting that ☺️

  13. “I am the trellis” Yes! I mentally clapped. That line is utter perfection as the close for this write. I love it!

  14. The trellis could infer someone walking all over you or it could be the needed support we provide those we love. This made me think of the roles we all play in each other’s lives! 👏👏

  15. Oh yes, the backbone and the strength without which none of the rest would be possible!

  16. very, very, very, very interesting and unexpected, Mish.


  17. Glenn A. Buttkus

    Such a creative take on the prompt, both metaphorically and poetically. Words ring hollow without the backbone and courage to strengthen and support them.

  18. Lovin’ this! I am not list and then…I am the trellis — the support on which all else depends! 🙂

  19. The trellis …. holding everything up / together! Amazing.


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