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Skerwink Trail, Newfoundland



I will return where

grey flannel clouds drowse

over the sheen of ocean’s facade

where sun spills sparkles

eagle tells me secrets

where the earth rises

to kiss the mist

 trees bow to the Creator

where the hush un-knots my soul

I will return



It’s Quadrille Monday. I am your host.

We are writing poems of 44 words, including the word “knot”.

dVerse Poets Pub – 3 p.m. EST




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  1. I enjoy nautical poems, Mish, and this quadrille really floats my boat! I especially love ‘grey flannel clouds drowse / over the sheen of ocean’s façade’ and ‘the hush un-knots my soul’.

  2. I love how you’ve managed to condense so much imagery into 44 words. I find this really hard! Love the idea of a romantic return to the high seas too…

  3. I love the nautical imagery that could also be a metaphor for something else… the grey flannel clouds talks to me of a very calming sea.

  4. Your poem sounds wonderful read aloud. Light and lilting. Such a beautiful picture.

  5. This is beautiful, Mish. It’s colored that soft blue-grey in my mind. I love the grey flannel clouds and the eagle. 💙

  6. I love all the soft sounds you’ve used in this poem, Mish. very soothing, very gentle.

  7. Beautiful work indeed, Mish; & thanks for hosting. I struggled with this one (no idea why); I should have gone nautical, maybe….

  8. Setting sail to serenity…love those gray flannel clouds, Mish.

  9. Beverly Crawford

    Your affection for the sea is obvious is this lovely poem. Beautiful write!

  10. I sighed reading this one! Beautiful and so necessary in these times – the un-knotting of soul! 🍷

  11. How beautiful and clever! This is gorgeous writing, Mish. I could do with some un-knotting myself 😀


  12. Very, VERY beautiful and freeing!

  13. your words capture the spaciousness and tranquility of the photo!

    “where sun spills sparkles” highlights the sprinkles

  14. The sun spilling sparkles just makes me so happy!

  15. Absolutely beautiful Mish. It was so serene, just how the ocean can make you feel on a moonlit night ☺️💕

  16. Well done Mish! I love your knotty twist at the end!

  17. Spiritually pleasing through and through!

  18. Oh wow! This is lush, I had Christopher Cross’ song “Sailing” in my mind earlier and it had me longing for a leisurely cruise. Now I read this and I want to be “where sun spills sparkles” even more thanks to your beautiful words.

  19. I think everyone has that one place that brings them nothing but joy. This is what it’s like to long for that.

  20. This is so calm and soothing Mish!

  21. I love the calm in this, and the wish for something so gentle.

  22. “grey flannel clouds drowse

    over the sheen of ocean’s facade”

    I like the blanket feel of “grey flannel”…a calming poem!

  23. where the hush un-knots my soul
    I will return

    Goes to show the tenacity of poetic language!


  24. This is glorious. I love the ocean and you did a fantastic capture with your words.


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