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I look at a Facebook photo of a baby sleeping on the indentation of a guitar as his young father strums it quietly. I remember playing the guitar against my protruding belly when I was pregnant for each of my sons. More than sound, this was a bonding between two worlds, still unknown to each other. Love flowed through layers of skin and muscle with every note, every lyric carefully crafted from the wonder, anticipation and unity. This was and is my poetic hum.  I ponder the picture again, slightly worried about this tiny bundle nestled rather precariously in the crook of a wooden instrument. Could she slip off? Possibly…but only into loving arms.


love moves beyond walls

love is a constant murmur

love never silent


Written for Poetics ~ your poetic hum,

a thoughtful prompt by Gina at dVerse Poets Pub.

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  1. How beautiful and what a gift to your unborn children.

  2. “love is a constant murmur” – It seems like this murmur may be almost like a soft song.
    The bonding between a mother and unborn child is a unique love experience. Thanks for sharing this so I could remember it.

  3. what a lovely bond, a murmur, a whisper of love, gentle as the life grows in you, Mish this took me by surprise, the most poignant interpretation of the prompt, no better way to say how precious our child’s life is, or any life for that matter. you transpose the prompt to a higher level with this haku – love never silent, oh that really was so beautiful

  4. imagining love as a constant murmur… ❤

  5. Beautiful, Mish: ‘love is a constant murmur’.

  6. Love constantly hums and gives life to all we touch.

  7. Good observation that the baby can only slip off into loving arms.

  8. That background hum of love comes to the forefront throughout this.

  9. A beautiful image, Mish…and clever title!

  10. This ia a tremendous haibun, rich in love and awareness Mish – and what a wonderful picture. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  11. I love the film, and your own way of bonding… I think it’s a perfect way to learn music… to be part of songs.

  12. If you are lucky to have love in your life, you have a never-ending him. Beautiful, Mish!

  13. Such a sweet photo and I am sure she is rocking in loving arms. I love this part: love is a constant murmur.

  14. I like this image. 😊


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