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crocus for haibun


“Come –

see real blossoms

of this painful world”



Today I walk upon mounds of spongy soil where neon blades blend into the dead of brown. I feel the unease of limbo and transition, tree branches bare and waiting.  The red maple, with no patience for spring, has already scattered its tiny flowers and they grab hold of the treads of my shoes. Dried out and weightless, they cling to me. Had I not noticed them before their fated plummet to the earth?

A purple crocus blooms beside an old oak tree. They don’t grow wild in these woodlands. A relocated bulb, perhaps journeyed here with an ambitious squirrel. He would never know the joy that his misplaced treasure had bestowed on me.  The trail suddenly juts south towards soggier territory but I commit to it.

A pair of ducks set sail across a flooded marsh, still surrounded by autumn’s auburn willow branches, a rare medley of seasons. The mud makes me tiptoe on the trail, searching for composted leaves for stepping stones. I ponder about why I have never owned a pair of rubber boots. The rain has been abundant, flooding streets and parks but I like the shine it is has given the emerald ash trees. These are majestic trees ridden with the curse of the ash borer yet they still bring me peace. All of nature brings me peace.


Cherish the blossom

Life bursts through soils run amuck

Petals slip through fingers



Written for dverse ~Haibun Monday#10: Hanami~ Kansen Sakura (Toni Spencer) has asked us to begin our haibun with a haiku by Issa or Basho, expand on it with our own perspective of “beauty, spring, hanami, journey to view cherry blossoms or other spring blooms, when you notice spring’s beginnings, the renewal and hope in spring…fun times relating to spring.” This is followed by our own haiku.

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  1. I like this so much. The quote could have taken this to a dark level but you did exactly what I hoped someone would. The animal planted crocus, the soggy soil, the dead things mingled with those newly growing, the peace that comes from noticing it all and being one with it all. Wonderful haibun and the haiku is stunning. Thank you so much for this.

  2. This is a beautiful nature scene Mish ~ I specially admire the: A purple crocus blooms beside an old oak tree, including those majestic trees ridden with the curse of ash borer, while I smiled at the relocated bulb 🙂

    Thanks for joining us and wishing you happy week ~

  3. The beauty of this world eases the pain…I think you and Basho are in harmony.

  4. How very beautiful–calmed me after a hectic morning.

  5. Lovely write! I enjoyed how you committed to the walk although the ground got soggy. A perfect interpretation of the chosen haiku.

  6. your words carry the beauty you have in your soul…

  7. iN raTinG NatUre
    aS God’s pAiNt..
    greaTEst niGht
    Mare beauty
    dreAms oF
    liGht LIve
    iN HUman

    chiLd hUmans
    riSe.. fAll..:)

    QuicK.. fiNd A
    iT oN
    and Off..:)


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