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The great escape

From the black and white keys

Was my Fender

Shiny and smooth

Never been used

Fingers on frets

Calloused and tender

Took flight to the strings

Imprinting my skin

Tuning from ear

Playing by heart

Ascending my dreams

To my Takamine

Crystal clear

In sound and conviction

Lyrics of soul

Leaving lips

Not kissed

Love not lost

Hope only tossed

To dogma days

And sultry ways

Of my Ovation

Acoustic nirvana

Standing up tall

And I had the gall

To write, to sing

Create the flow

Of beat and sweet

Surrendering all

That I am




Β Anthony gave us the opportunity to share our love of music today at dVerse.

My guitars of past and present are pieces of my life.

I would be lost without music.

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  1. I play guitar and ukulele so I can def relate to the tender and calloused fingers… smiles

    Hope only tossed

    To dogma days

    And sultry ways

    Of my Ovation

    Acoustic nirvana

    ^^^ love this too πŸ™‚

  2. a little acoustic nirvana….nice…
    i played bass…a bit of guitar….mostly wrote songs
    and sang…but it was an escape for sure…

  3. I’d love to play the guitar…had an acoustic one, once. I so admire people who can play. Great poem, meets the brief well πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Polly. I neglect my guitar for months, sometimes years and then pick it up again. Somehow, I remember what I used to play but there is always so much more to learn when it comes to a musical instrument.

  4. Bonded by a love of music! Great post, love the sound of a guitar.

  5. A lot of my friends started playing the guitar, few still play I believe. Nice to see someone who began and pursued. It is a great instrument!

  6. Your poem shows me how engrossed a person can get in their music…..nice.

  7. Groovy piece. Loved the flow. Love- “Hope only tossed / To dogma days / And sultry ways”

  8. i too would be lost without music…and wrote a few songs in my days as well… have to grab my guitar more often..

    • I know what you mean, Claudia. I wrote songs in an old school notebook and I still have it. It is interesting to look back at writing skills (haha) but also the passion and emotion of that time of my life.

  9. always thought the guitar would be the best to learn

  10. i can tickle the ivories.. and my sister can play guitar.. but these percussionist fingers.. seem not to want to fret the strings… i tried.. i tried.. but i couldn’t strum a song.. to even my likening.. with anything.. but the beat of life.. keys of ivory.. or plastic..too…in digital way..of bits and bytes..of DIGITal art!..:)of poetry 2!;)

  11. I so wish I could play an instrument like that, despite the pain it seems to be lost into frets

  12. I love the acoustic nirvana ~ I can’t play the instruments but I so admire people who can ~ Have a wonderful day ~

  13. How wonderful that you had the gall to write, to sing and be who you are.

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  15. I once tried to learn violin – your words exactly took to my memories. Lovely write.

  16. A very nice read who reminds me of a faraway friend and her love affair with her guitars.


    Mark Butkus


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