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On Your Birthday

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Announced today, we can hug.

In the park, you watch a tiny chipmunk scamper up a tree.

A cool breeze blows through your longish, white hair.

I watch you smile.


clouds move for the sun

time slips through silver threads

nature’s drum beats on



A Quadrille for dVerse Poets Pub.

Write a poem of exactly 44 words including the word “drum”.

Doors open at 3 p.m. EST. Happy to be your host.

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  1. I think I can hear the drumbeat of nature… everything seems to be jumping up from the soil.

  2. Delightful, Mish, from the hug to the tiny chipmunk, the smile and nature’s drum beating on!

    • Thank you, Kim. It was the first time I’d seen my mom since the end of February. I think I’ve kept her in an over protective bubble.

      • I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter and grandson, but not sure when that will be. At least we get to video message.

  3. I like how the movement of clouds and the slipping of time are represented by nature drumming.

  4. Glenn A. Buttkus

    Actually, my birthday was yesterday. And for the first time since February, the whole family gathered, 6 adults and 7 grandchildren.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sir!! So glad you were able to have family around you for that. This Covid thing is life-changing. We are only allowed at this time to have gatherings of 10 and they’ve just introduced the idea of “social circles”. You can only belong to one. It is interesting to compare the Canadian approaches/reactions to the American ones as I see both on the news. Hope your day was a blast! 🙂

    • Happy Birthday, Glenn. So happy you spent it with your whole family ❤

    • Happy Birthday, Glenn! It’s nice you could see your family. We’ve only seen one daughter from a distance, and that most likely will continue for a while.

  5. This is really beautiful! “time slips through silver threads” Brilliant. Good writing!

  6. Such a joyous intimate moment between an adult child and a parent (guessing here.)

  7. This is beyond beautiful, Mish! 💝💝

  8. It’s such a relief to see family again. Nature is smiling with us. (K)

  9. As yez the rthyhm of life is drummed out whether we ljke it or not. Lucky us wgen it resonates joy
    Happy Monday


  10. Oh it’s the little things that makes everything special. Nicely done.

  11. Our drum will stop one of these days, but natures drum beats on and on…
    This would work for a fine haibun!
    Well done!

  12. The pulse of nature will continue long after we are gone. It has a way of finding it’s rhythm.

  13. Lovingly wistful … then I read it’s your Mum, how precious!

  14. Such a fine birthday present, freedom as we step tentatively outside again – and birthday hugs. Fantastic.

  15. Drumbeats and heartbeats. Time and nature move on regardless.

  16. As if it had always been there, just like that, natures beats on.

  17. Beautifully done Mish and I love how throughout our changing world nature’s drum beats on ❤️

  18. Such fine imagery taken from nature

  19. hi. i like your poem but worry a little about that scampering chipmunk, having read the following on the internet:

    “Surprisingly, they are not particularly good climbers. They are known to leap from trees, but commonly fall and get injured. ”


  20. Isn’t it amazing that whatever the world’s troubles are, there are signs of nature just as always – day by day – season by season.
    Thanks so much for the prompt! 😉

  21. HeARTS
    Beat Now
    Souls Flow
    River Time in
    Defeat Numbers
    Defining Deeper
    SMiLes Color
    Breathes US..:)

  22. Nature’s drum has never been louder with clear birdsong and deer walking into town centers. It’s also great to be able to hug…the best feeling of all!

  23. Lovely, Mish. Your words bring us right in to the heart. This is exactly like a hug – a hug all of us need right about now. Thanks!

  24. A poem for our times–longish, white hair and all. Yet, nature’s beat continues.

  25. Love the cloud movement, time slipping past, drumbeat of nature.

  26. I like how the unusual time we’ve been leaving permeates your first verse.


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