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Dearest Mistakes

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It’s hard to write as

I crawl between your fingers wagging

Aging my way to judgement day

Repentance reeking of self righteousness

Heavy scents of sincerity

You keep sending me notes and epiphanies

Squeezing through doors already sealed

Making your points ethereal

My nemesis, always the witty one

Wagering with my very soul

You are dust, still stirring

From my careless catastrophes

I do confess, I need you less

But please….stay close enough

To haunt me gently



Written for dVerse – “Meeting the Bar with a Letter”. Bjorn is our host.

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  1. Brilliant, Mish, a letter to your mistakes! I love the opening lines with the fingers wagging and the ‘… notes and epiphanies
    Squeezing through doors already sealed
    Making your points ethereal’.

  2. Fingers wagging,….wagering for my very soul! Close enough to haunt me gently. What words!

  3. I can identify with this…they are hard to shake. But sometimes the remembering is useful. (K)

  4. A very novel idea Mish. Keep on reminding us gently.

  5. We all make them, and hate them…mis-takes are probably just missing the mark, and after all “we always have tomorrow to get things right!!!”

  6. How unique, MIsh! I love, ‘squeezing through doors already sealed’.

  7. We do learn by our mistakes… remind me gently. I think that is key 🙂

  8. I love the idea of this, and the execution.

  9. I felt like sleeping under the poem. It depicts a journey of understanding rather than fleeing. Nice!

    You can also check out my post on this via


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