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“But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.”
― Gwyn Thomas

Not far from here, there is a trail, a precious passage to my own inner peace. This is where my heart sings. This is how I breathe.  My feet take to the winding path of the wetlands and I am liberated. Sun ribbons stream through tall prairie grasses to dance with shadows on my shoes. Yellow warblers cling sideways to the reeds, whistling and swaying to Spring’s gentle breeze. Damselflies hover over lily pads floating close to the pond shore. Oh to be a damselfly, weightless of the woes of this world.

The ducks and geese have made their annual return to the marsh. I still marvel at their innate ability to do so, after vacationing hundreds or even thousands of miles away. This is their home again and I am nothing more than a visitor, uninvited. I visualize the ripples of disruption I would cause if I dared to dangle one toe into their vested waters. Focusing my camera on lavender blue chicory and one bristly bumblebee, it occurred to me.  This delicate ecosystem thrives without me and in spite of me. This trail is the truth of life and I am humbled.


waterlilies pose

as footsteps softly mimic

the pulse of nature


This week for Haibun Monday, Bjorn has asked us to write a haibun “inspired by the concept of walking”. This is a week long prompt. Lots of time to join in and follow the poetry trail at dVerse Poets Pub.









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  1. Oh yes we are but guests, exactly the same thought I had… this is a lovely haibun, the thought of being a damselfly is just enchanting…

  2. A meaningful, thoughtful walk in a natural area…perhaps we do have a role to preserve their habitat

  3. Nice post with your sweet thought. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hopefully all of us have one of those places “not so far from here.” I think they are absolutely essential to our spirit.

  5. Stunning picture and haibun Mish ~ Nature brings awe and wonder, and the creatures thrive even without our interference ~ A lovely reading tonight – TGIF !!! Happy weekend ~

  6. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    What a lovely walk. And what a treat to walk it with you as you brought it all to life.


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