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Sunny Side Up

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Pelee Island 140

She liked her eggs sunny side up

      … running away
Like she always did

She poked the yolks
Releasing them, releasing her
From destinies and obligations
Yellow trickles of madness


Soaking grainy plateaus on her plate
Mesas she never climbed
The people left behind
Standing there
Like the salt and pepper shakers
Stoically staring her down

This.. a mere snippet of it all
Life served on a platter
Exchanged for prices
And slices of her heart
She toyed with the lettuce
Lifting it, loathing it
A worthless embellishment


Dying in front of her
Like all the rest


Written for dVerse where we are working on layered poetry.

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  1. Wonderful layering to this poem! And such excellent wordplay. I loved the transition from the ‘runny’ to the ‘running away,’ for example. And the ‘prices’ and ‘slices.’ And the ending…very unexpected..and vivid. One I will remember.

  2. So well done! Enjoyed reading. Loved the flow of it…

  3. Yes.. the spirit of the Egg.. in all its running woes.. poked.. poached.. scrambled.. until Egg feels no more.. but alas.. there can be life.. with shells picked up.. hum pity dum pity.. making his pieces play again.. together.. more together.. broken pieces put together.. Egg once more.. with bright yellow sun in middle.. flied.. in light.. instead .. of heat.. radiating Center Spirit Egg.. once again..:)

  4. The egg and I or the egg period – great way to use the layering form…I suppose there is one about a scrambled or hardboiled one as well?!

  5. you’ve woven some yummy foods with powerful images… the runny egg and especially the wilted lettuce – dying in front of her like all the rest. Bravo!

  6. Mish this is exceptional!

    notice i didn’t make the expected egg pun 😉

    Really great write.

  7. This is just excellent. The food becoming images, nothing tasting good afterwards. The egg transforms to something yummy.. I can see her appetite fading.

  8. it is so sad when someone just has to run away all their life… i know some people who do – the reason is fear mostly… i hope she manages to stay one day

  9. I love the visual and creativity of this. It’s hard to feel those emotions .

  10. Funny and runny, yet dead serious…i like the layers. the rhymes, and wordplay in this poem!

  11. wow, you bring two different layers together – “This.. a mere snippet of it all
    Life served on a platter
    Exchanged for prices”

    That is beautifully done.

  12. You are a gifted poet!

  13. This is FINE writing–wish I hadn’t missed this prompt.


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