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Steady Stream (Scream) of Consciousness

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Will I find the dream again? Somewhere in this new realm reeking of reality? I feel like I’m treading on the nothings of my days. Guilty of nothing. Achieving nothing. Feeling everything but nothing. Watching moments pass shamelessly into nothingness. Is that a word? I don’t even write this way. Horizontal thoughts wishing to waterfall once more. At least I’ve kept my not so subtle sense of alliteration throughout the aberration. Alas (what?) my poetic skin is paling, failing. Hmm…internal rhyme intact and that is whacked. Maybe I should slam. These words are not my jam. Who am I?



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Originally written for PANDEMIC POETRY

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I refer to dreams
Like entities when truly
They deserve description
Paradoxical mysteries of the mind?
Some things need to be left cryptic

I speak of serenity
Like I could find it on a map
GPS it in my dreams aspirations
Doldrums, lulls within the chaos
Would suffice

Hearts and havens
Thrive within phrases
And I too, fall for the obvious
Ancient shells, ancient trees
All a matter of preference

This is how I begin
“This” is a word I use often
My bona fide crutch
We, you and I
My launching pads for poetry

A word I would never use
Choppy, awkward
Rolls off the tongue like a rototiller


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