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This Storm Called Sandy

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storm sandy


Rising up, inhaling leaves
Exhaling with vengeance
Flimsy, unattended branches
Whipping at my tattered roof
Darkness surrounds me
Other than this trusty monitor
Sharing it’s light
As if to comfort me
While this raging force
Sweeps up my sense of security
I hate this storm
This storm called Sandy

Rising up, inhaling my fears
Exhaling with flippant attitude
Taking power from my hands
And dangling my safety
Like a twig left hanging precariously
From my beloved maple tree
The haunting, taunting noise
Bellows up, down, billows around
My tiny glowing haven
Enough to make me cringe
At the mindless power of wind
I hate this storm
This storm called Sandy


Over at dVerse today, MarinaSofia asked us to write about a time when we were “snowed in, iced out or in some other perilous winter situation”. Ironically, that was yesterday for me. We are still shoveling ourselves out. However, this particular piece was written in October 2012 when I actually feared for my home and my personal safety.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

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May 399

When the storm rolls in

We flee

Deserting places and people

We love

Wary of winded truths

That fill the sky

Knocking down layers

Of little white lies

When lightening strikes

We run

Eyes and ears covered

In disbelief

Forfeiting our dreams

In the overcast

Denial is our fortress

‘Til the rain has passed