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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

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Sun dances on snow Lines cross beyond boundaries Nature always rules ~

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur II

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One of the wonderful perks of living in Ontario is the ability to welcome and bid farewell to four distinct seasons. It encourages you to live in the moment and appreciate the obvious and not so obvious metamorphosis that takes place. Winter? It’s all a blur to me now. Check out more of it at […]

Taken by Storm

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 ice storm 017

Winter waves its arms

Blowing white smoke

Outside my door

Rattling the latch

As we batten down the hatch

Snow squalls

Life stalls

Tires spin tales

Of neglected snow shovels

Underestimated forecasts

And unhelpful neighbours


Winter smirks as you

Predictably marvel

At what you’ve seen

 So many times

Muddled and mystified by

Sparkling glaze

Blinding haze

Shadows sprawled

Over welcoming, white canvass

Trees bound and burdened

With nature’s business

Snow Smitten

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Winter has finally spoken in our little southwestern town of Ontario.

Maybe it was waiting to make this eloquant entrance, to blow us away with it’s beauty and grace.

Dancing featherweight flakes…….

Fluff at your feet feels fabulous……

Cozy white blankets on bushes……

Silouetting sleeves of white sit perfectly on branches…..

Until  over zealous blasts of air quickly send them to the ground.