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Collaboration for Peace – 39

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Doldrums and Dragonflies


Even in flight

I am not alone


By the zephyrs

Warm embrace

This too is my calm

My inner field of felicity

Double-winged, I will sing

To the flutter of my heart

In shades of iridescence




I feel blessed to have met Candy, my friend in collaboration as we continue to be inspired by each others work. You can find more of her photography and poetry at

Collaboration for Peace – 19

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We hope that peace is part of your day. Another collaboration by Candy and Mish…



©Candace Kubinec


My Peace


I look up

Into the treetops

Where silence is

Broken only by

The song of the lark

And clouds whisperings

Blue embraces me in

Shades of sapphire

And indigo

This is my peace

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity IV

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Setting golden tones

First class seat for evening show

Dazzling in silence


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity III

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Winter can warm you

With it’s undisturbed beauty

White blankets of bliss


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity II

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Layers of lovely

Peace of mind painted earth tones

Colorado dreams


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

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This week’s Photo Challenge should be two weeks long! It will be a challenge to narrow it down…so I won’t.

As I sift through photos, it has become obvious to me that I am very attracted to peaceful, serene settings. I believe “serenity” is really what we all strive for…even if we are unaware of it. With that said, please excuse my over enthusiasm vain attempts in wooing you.  Here is my first submission.

Sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to click for the full effect of the “awwww” factor.


Gently wrapped in hues

Contemplating nothing more

Than sand underfoot