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Finding My Own Beat

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This week at dVerse Poet’s Pub, we were given the opportunity to explore poetry we’ve already written to find one that best represented our own personal voice, our natural rhythm, so to speak. There seems to be an internal BEAT that makes it’s way into our poetry. Who knew?!

Seriously, this has been very enlightening. Thank you, Gay Reiser Cannon at dVerse! It’s amazing what one can learn about themselves from their own writing.

After careful consideration, I chose this one from the archives as it just seems to be the voice in my head. Syllables are marked in bold print to emphasize the way the beats take place for me.  A pause or “caesura” can also have a beat within the poem and these are shown with brackets (…)

My rhythm seems to be a little intense…but that should not surprise me.






If I have to look up to see your grandeur

Then what importance do you hold for me? (…)

Everything essential to my heart and mind

Is in front of me (…)

Yes, I look to the sky, why wouldn’t I?

To the clouds, to the wind

To the spirit within

But not you (…)

You have always been my saboteur

Reminding me of the cold

That paralyzed my plight

Your capital charisma

Does nothing but amuse me

And I will not be impressed

By your obvious stateliness

For success is not dressed

The sun bares the truth

Magnified in your every window

Exposing your hard lines

Disclosing your designs

Of your eyes on the pie

As you scrape at the sky