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King of Constraint

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California 2014 296

Do not assume my serenity

Strength composed behind these royal jowls

Is easy to unleash

Majestic magnitude I will flippantly flaunt

In your curious face

My capabilities, now subdued

Could easily result in your demise

My eyes hide secrets

To what lies within this gallant heart

Softened only by the breeze

Sweeping through golden tufts

The sun kindling my soul

And the mere fact that I am not free

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Tiny treasures washed ashore

Patiently polished by time

Shell I pick you up

Or leave you to rest in the sand?

Your journey complete with tales to tell

Of seaweed and undertows

Shell I pick you up

Or admire you from my hands?

Basking beauties before my eyes

Collecting on common ground

Shell I pick you up

Or honor the shelter you gave?

Ancient armor from life now passed

Jagged and rightfully so

Shell I pick you up

Or leave you kissing the waves?