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Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

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Pelee Island 660


Nature’s details dance

To the music of the wind

Fancy fields of gold


Check out all the details for this week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

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For this week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post.

A different perspective can change everything.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

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Curves are the inspiration  for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use this photo. You can find many more interpretations at The Daily Post.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

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What do you get when The Daily Post gives you a fabulous theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge and then you stumble upon a friend’s photos of jellyfish?

Nature’s masterpieces!

All photos by: Lisa Oleniuk












Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

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March 21st 2011 weekend in Las Vegas 146


This week’s challenge brought me back to memories of Vegas and a show called “Recycled Percussion”. Four talented musicians take junk rock to the next level.

Audience participation

Boundless energy

Clever and creative

The ABC’s of good entertainment.



March 21st 2011 weekend in Las Vegas 148

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

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December 2012 051



time does not freeze frame

wings not wasted meet the sun

dreams happen in flight



Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

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I am sitting in the dining car of a train…or am I floating on the lake?

Either way it was magical.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

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March 2013 065


 Miniature ice bergs stubbornly hold on to winter as Lake Huron welcomes Spring. The Great Lakes are a massive stage for seasonal transitions.

This photo was my contribution for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

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Sun dances on snow Lines cross beyond boundaries Nature always rules ~

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

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This lovely beast had no qualms about sticking his neck out for a treat. Photo taken at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Enjoy some more treats at The Daily Post.


Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra) Ordinary

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This week’s photo challenge is (extra)ordinary, seeing something very common in a whole new light. Although I must have a thousand photos of trees and leaves in Autumn, I think this one has a magical feel to it.

Check out many more interpretations at…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

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Sometimes we sit on the edge

Waiting, wishing, wondering

Pensive, planning, pondering

We cannot fall if we have wings

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic III

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September 2015 094

Here is one last entry for “monochromatic”.

I know, I know…time to move on.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic II

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A contrast to my first submission, the endless white of snow reaches for the horizon on one of the Great Lakes. This will soon be the scene at the beach as we bid farewell to the warm blue waters of summer. Just thinking about it makes me very grateful for autumn.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

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California 2014 192


This was taken near Oceanside, California and seemed to fit the criteria for this week’s challenge “monochromatic”. Be sure to check out other interpretations at The Daily Post.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

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An open field in rural Ontario Embracing November Mother and son This was a good day ~

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy II

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Don’t laugh!

We are creepy…very very creepy.

Ok.  We’re cute and creepy.




These handsome little puffers were part of a display of blowfish at a museum in southwestern Ontario. With all their grins and googly eyes, I just couldn’t resist sharing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

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As we traveled along a highway in Michigan, these clouds seemed to be eyeballing us all the way. They definitely added a creepy vibe to the morning sky. Check out more creepy photos over at The Daily Post.

Click to enlarge…if you dare.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

CN tower

Do you dare to walk on air?

Standing on the Glass Floor in the CN tower can be quite intimidating. As our silhouettes hover over an aerial view of downtown Toronto streets, this photo gives a whole new meaning to “beneath your feet”.


CN tower1

Another shot from a glass panel of the world famous floor reveals a section of the Rogers Center, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Big fans sit below, as tiny as they may seem to us.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

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up close flower

This week’s photo challenge gave way to so many possibilities. I have been a bit of a macro maniac lately but I decided to take a fresh one after yesterday’s rain. I like the random shapes of the water droplets and the flower’s imperfections.

Beauty is never perfect.

Check out more interpretations of “close up” at The Daily Post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

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March 2015 702

Through these doors, one can only imagine the interior of Van Patten Mountain Camp, a historical resort built in 1897. It was worth the hike to see these ruins nestled in the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces, New Mexico.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

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Trees are my muse. I am overwhelmed by their beauty, individualism and stature. Their history intrigues me. As Mother Nature sculpts and paints them with her elements, I have the easy part. Be amazed. Point and shoot.



Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way (Destinations of New Mexico)

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Southwestern skies create a soothing back drop for miles along desert roads of New Mexico. This photo was taken on the way back from exploring the Badlands.


NM October 2011 542

Driving south on Highway 125 towards Las Cruces, Nogal Canyon is a slight little dip along the way.


NM October 2011 576

There’s one in every major desert? Hard Rock Cafe makes it’s presence known against blue skies and cacti on the way to Albuquerque.


NM October 2011 555

Autumn adds colour to the drab of the desert. A blurry but beautiful western scene accompanies us on the way to Socorro, NM.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

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flowers in chair

Chair with missing parts

Eclectic garden planter

Open space for grace


Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

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May2015 125

A familiar scene on the Great Lakes as a large freighter pushes on despite being enveloped by the morning fog. The view is surreal from the shoreline though not as calming for the ship’s captain. Mother Nature provides many challenges for those who navigate these waterways, the largest freshwater lakes in the world.


May2015 121


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

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Goslings on the pond

Droplets roll off golden fuzz

Buoyancy meets gravity


Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

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 webs in morning mist

the elegance of nature

dressing up for dawn


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

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At a nearby conservation area in Southwestern Ontario, hundreds of geese take up residence and this time of year, it can be quite a spectacle. These two honkers couldn’t seem to move fast enough as they chased others across the pond. Click to enlarge.

Be sure to check out more of life in motion at The Daily Post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

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September 2011 152

Agawa Canyon Tour Train in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario offers an amazing sightseeing tour beginning in the early morning. I took this photo of the flat screen monitor inside the train. Digital cameras mounted on this locomotive  give you the engineer’s view. Eerie and beautiful.

September 11 2011 142

Mist rises from a northern lake as we make our way towards the canyon.

September 11 2011 164

Reflections from the morning sun only intensify the beauty framed by passenger windows. Some things are worth getting up early for.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

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March 2011 035

Sunlight on whiskers

Afloat in California

A sea lion’s throne

March 2011 037

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur II

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One of the wonderful perks of living in Ontario is the ability to welcome and bid farewell to four distinct seasons. It encourages you to live in the moment and appreciate the obvious and not so obvious metamorphosis that takes place. Winter? It’s all a blur to me now. Check out more of it at […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

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Dreamy day for ducks

Beauty of clouds repeated

Webbed foot masterpiece


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

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DSCF1385Claret cup hedgehog

Blushing red against grey spines

Spring in the desert


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

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Corran Ruins-McNeills Mansion is located outside of Wiarton, Ontario in Spirit Rock Conservation Area.



The walls of the mansion remain stoic in the sunlight despite obvious destruction.



Multicoloured brick is like artwork chiseled by the wind.



Nature is framed by open windows.



 Time has blessed this place.DSCF6349


Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

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  This colour is full of energy. Whether it’s all jazzed up in neon or painted in healing hues across the sky, orange is the new happy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

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A slightly late submission for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. On a very memorable day with my step daughter and grand-daughter, this photo was one of a hundred others that I took at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Ontario. These little beauties showcase symmetry with their striking design, while maintaining their individualism. It’s a beautiful thing!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth III

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They call it “The Joe”

Home of the Detroit Red Wings

Diamond in the rough


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth II

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A & M visit summer 2012 694


Here is another interpretation of depth for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Again, I was drawn to some photos taken in Lion’s Head, Ontario.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

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A & M visit summer 2012 731

A & M visit summer 2012 753


This has to be one of the most interesting hikes I have ever taken. Lion’s Head, Ontario is named for it’s lion shaped rock formation carved into the landscape. The winding trail to the top of the escarpment is a bit challenging but worth every step. You can take your time along the way, admiring a fairytale forest full of mossy rocks, twisted cedars and ancient birch trees. It is surreal. The story ends with this view over Georgian Bay. The varying depths of the water play with the palette of blue.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity IV

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Setting golden tones

First class seat for evening show

Dazzling in silence


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity III

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Winter can warm you

With it’s undisturbed beauty

White blankets of bliss


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity II

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Layers of lovely

Peace of mind painted earth tones

Colorado dreams


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

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This week’s Photo Challenge should be two weeks long! It will be a challenge to narrow it down…so I won’t.

As I sift through photos, it has become obvious to me that I am very attracted to peaceful, serene settings. I believe “serenity” is really what we all strive for…even if we are unaware of it. With that said, please excuse my over enthusiasm vain attempts in wooing you.  Here is my first submission.

Sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to click for the full effect of the “awwww” factor.


Gently wrapped in hues

Contemplating nothing more

Than sand underfoot


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

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River frozen in pieces

Sun painting on snow canvass

As we justify winter


Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

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Here are a few photos in response to last week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post.

Click to enlarge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

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Trusting the life line

Releasing dreams to the sky

Happy face icon


Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs (2)

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I had to respond again to the Weekly Photo Challenge!

These photos have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to present themselves.

Introducing…some odd, some quirky, some downright smirky…SIGNS!!


October 230

October 2012 025

October 2012 028


Strange Rd2




October 2011 562






Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

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No shortage of signs in Memphis… coaxing you from one hot spot to the next. Check out this week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

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March 21st 2011 weekend in Las Vegas 178

  Looking up at the “Eiffel Tower”, Paris Las Vegas Hotel


You can see more nighttime photography at 

The Daily Post


Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

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What a nut!

Precariously poised, this chubby little stinker is reaping the benefits of his autumn stash. He seems oblivious to the elements.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

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Perhaps a little too literal, but I honestly didn’t even consider it when I took these for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

The theme was dialogue between two photos.








Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

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chip 1583

A milkweed plant unravels in the wind.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

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 Dreams drawn in ink

Patiently waiting to

Come to life



Just a short time after taking this photo from the shore of Lake Huron, the cable on this boat was my lifeline as I para sailed for the first time.

Click to enlarge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

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Check out more containers at The Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

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These international bridges link two different countries, Canada and the U.S.A., sharing the same waterway and sunset skies.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

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Dead Horse Point, Utah

Bring your worries here

Misery dies in deep canyons

Dissipating like dust

Into panoramic perspective

You are but a speck

Compared to this masterpiece

That stretches your mind

To the clouds

Your arms to the sky

Your heart to forever

Until all you feel is the wind

There is room here



Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art My Grandmother is an Artist

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My grandmother is an artist.

Over the years, her oil paintings have adorned many walls. They were beautiful landscapes of colour and detail, shadows of mountains, life flowing in streams, and love delicately expressed onto canvass. I remember the smell of the paint, the blended hues she experimented with on her palette, her unfinished piece draped in cloth as it waited for more magic from her hands.

Ten years ago, at the age of 86, she painted what she thought was her last painting. Her eye sight was failing fast. Four years later, 90 years old and almost legally blind, she picked up the paint brush once more attempting a few final creations, including these two paintings for me and my husband.  She said she was not sure if she could paint again, but she hoped that we liked them.  What they may lack in her usual detail, they make up in visualization, strength and determination.

There are no words to explain how much they mean to me, so I won’t even try.

My grandmother is an artist.

She was also a dedicated wife to a Lutheran minister, devoted to her church and helping others, a most creative and resourceful person, and wonderful cook.

Today she is still a loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She lies quietly in a nursing home, unable to see or walk, and barely able to hear. In her mind, I believe she is still painting…memories of bright faces in the sunshine, places of long ago and visions of the light that waits patiently for her. I believe that someday she will paint with the angels.

My grandmother is an artist.


scan0001                                                    scan0002








Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (at Sea)

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Thousands of ships sail through the Great Lakes, a major passageway from the U.S. and Canada and a gateway to the rest of the world. Clashing with mother nature’s stormy seas and mazes of ice and rock, these giants along with their crew are forces to be reckoned with. They are hauntingly beautiful to watch on a foggy night and spectacular sights on a sunny day.

Letters adorned on their bow and stern tell of their origin.  Some are quite obvious while others depend on our knowledge of faraway places.


September 2011 567 March 2011 027 July 2011 002 DSCF8916 California 2011 093April 16 17 024 April 16 17 010April 16 17 028September 2011 571 IMAG0710 IMAG0707 DSCF9501DSCF6630 DSCF4315DSCF4303 DSCF1407076



…just in case you were wondering.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

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Seagulls rule the beach.  DSCF4522We can build our little castles in the sand, but these guys will eventually inhabit what we claim to be our own.

DSCF4531Poised and perched, they poke fun at our creations that simply give them new places to govern their domain.

stop that

Seagulls stay on top of things.


















Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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turtle reflection

Beauty is forsaken
Where no one sees
No one ventures
No one feels
Silence speaks
But no one listens
It’s too easy, too authentic
Pure and transparent
You wouldn’t look for yourself
In the mirror, would you?
Then why would you search for life
When it is there in front of you
Calling your name
Caressing your soul
Nurturing your body
Balancing your burdens
Blessing your every moment
Reflecting your heart
With the most radiant light of all
Did you know
That you are nature?




I am dedicating this post to tyler4turtles, a fellow blogger, a friend in nature and kindred spirit. His expertise, dedication and endless fascination with nature combined with his gift of poetry and photography make for the most amazing blog.

You can admire his work at The Ancient Eavesdropper