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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

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Dreamy day for ducks

Beauty of clouds repeated

Webbed foot masterpiece


Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

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Here are a few photos in response to last week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post.

Click to enlarge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

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Trusting the life line

Releasing dreams to the sky

Happy face icon


Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist (Haiku) 2

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Pelee Island 818

Courageous reptile

Algae for an audience

Still out on a limb


Simple subjects can make a strong statement. This week’s challenge at the Daily Post inspired us to take a minimalist approach behind the camera. 

Oh..and please pay this little turtle some respect. Click to enlarge!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist (Haiku)

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chip 365

Some will stand alone

Like a lily in the sun

Bold can be graceful


Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

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What a nut!

Precariously poised, this chubby little stinker is reaping the benefits of his autumn stash. He seems oblivious to the elements.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

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Perhaps a little too literal, but I honestly didn’t even consider it when I took these for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

The theme was dialogue between two photos.








Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

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chip 1583

A milkweed plant unravels in the wind.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

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 Dreams drawn in ink

Patiently waiting to

Come to life



Just a short time after taking this photo from the shore of Lake Huron, the cable on this boat was my lifeline as I para sailed for the first time.

Click to enlarge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

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Check out more containers at The Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

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These international bridges link two different countries, Canada and the U.S.A., sharing the same waterway and sunset skies.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (at Sea)

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Thousands of ships sail through the Great Lakes, a major passageway from the U.S. and Canada and a gateway to the rest of the world. Clashing with mother nature’s stormy seas and mazes of ice and rock, these giants along with their crew are forces to be reckoned with. They are hauntingly beautiful to watch on a foggy night and spectacular sights on a sunny day.

Letters adorned on their bow and stern tell of their origin.  Some are quite obvious while others depend on our knowledge of faraway places.


September 2011 567 March 2011 027 July 2011 002 DSCF8916 California 2011 093April 16 17 024 April 16 17 010April 16 17 028September 2011 571 IMAG0710 IMAG0707 DSCF9501DSCF6630 DSCF4315DSCF4303 DSCF1407076



…just in case you were wondering.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

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Seagulls rule the beach.  DSCF4522We can build our little castles in the sand, but these guys will eventually inhabit what we claim to be our own.

DSCF4531Poised and perched, they poke fun at our creations that simply give them new places to govern their domain.

stop that

Seagulls stay on top of things.


















Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

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March 2011 018

Take me from the icebox to the fire

Through the window of pain

Melt away this melancholy mind

Beyond my icy veins

Kindle my convictions

Guide me to the glow

Ignite my frozen heart

For this is all I know

Drag me through the snowflakes

That vanish on my skin

Let me warm my hands

On the spirit from within