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Collaboration for Peace – 23

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Candy and I hope you find some time for stillness this week…



Image: Mish


In Stillness

I’ve laid down my pack
and loosened the laces
on my hiking boots
I will sit for a while
admire the mountains I’ve
yet to climb
I will inhale the clean air
and listen for the small
stirrings of creatures
watch for the
aerial performance of
hawks in the blue sky
I will feel the warm breeze
as it passes me, hurrying off
to the valley below
I will stay here a while
in stillness – waiting
until peace joins me
then I will move on


© Candace Kubinec

Collaboration for Peace – 12

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Sending positive, peaceful thoughts to all of our followers.

Thank you for your interest and support as we continue to collaborate.

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Photo credit: Candace Kubinec

Monarch’s sweet haven

Peace of nature welcoming

Delicate landings