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We put ink to paper

A slow release of demons

Taking up valuable space

Indigo tears dripping

As loud as rain on tin

Echoing with validation

Heart and soul precipitation

We are deafened

By our own definitions

Of tragedy and defeat

Blinded by the sandstorms

We carelessly create

Still we reach for the reservoir

Spellbound by the flow

Of this cursive dance

We put ink to paper


Another one for dVerse. It’s been a great week. As a poetic prompt, we were asked to choose a line from one of two poems by Brian Miller or Claudia Schonfeld. The line I chose was “we put ink to paper” in Claudia’s poem. You can check them both out at dVerse Poet’s Pub.

This Poetry Thing

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Let’s decorate the trees with words

The sky with all we feel

Wrap the clouds in

Ribbons of rhyme

No time to waste

This party must go on

Fill my glass with rambled thoughts

And grenadine

Slightly blended please

No distinction or lines

Interpretations are never defined

Inhibitions,  like confetti

Thrown carelessly into the wind

And we’ll laugh….

Because we know

This poetry thing is nothing more

Than everything we are and see

Know and live

Loved and lost

Perceive and paint

From the pallets of our soul


Let’s dance along the moonlit path

Where neurons sparkle endlessly

Lighting the way for

Our wandering minds

To now and then

And why and when

We’ll rig a jig  jig

Stepping to the beat

Of our hearts

Open and wounded

Flowing or frozen

In time

And we’ll laugh….

Because we know

This poetry thing is how we breathe

Or catch our breath

Between the gales that be

Dogmatically chanting

Secretly ranting

A slow release of our minds


Dverse Poet’s Pub is celebrating three years!!  Wooo hooo!!!



Clinging to Words

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I have to write

The fingers hit the keys

Eyes on the ceiling

Heart in my hand


Beating out the rhythm

Of a song that only I know

But somehow you sing to it

Find some kind of meaning to it

That represents your life

And validates your strife


I have to write

Phrasing what I’m feeling

Truth in disguise

Haven for narration


Growing like a reed

To save myself from drowning

From the demons I’ve created

In the words articulated

I will hold on

And continue this song


I have to write…