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Thoughtless Trails

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trail pic


There is always a trail, a place to regain pieces of me that I have lost. Today I set out on an unfamiliar path, craving the calm that never fails to elude me. Deep in these woodlands I am shadowed by my own muse. The trees speak to me in wordless ways. One in particular demands my attention and I reach out to caress battle scarred bark, running my fingers along ridges and grooves in silver tones. This is art, sculpted by time and elements. My mind wanders briefly to wonder why something so observable can be so overlooked. The soft percussion of a woodpecker wakens me from my philosophical thoughts. This is music, a sampling of Mother Nature’s sweet song. Looking down, I admire the gnarling of roots planted firmly but not afraid to be exposed and vulnerable. I sit down beside them, letting them take me to seed and soil, the simplicity of life, uninterrupted. I breathe in the essence of pine and become one with the earth.


rosin’ up the boughs                                                        

trees burst into silent song

forest floor sun dance


For Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub, Toni (kanzensakura) shares with us some very interesting Japanese techniques for clearing our mind and has asked  us to write about our own favourite ways to rest and relax. Drop in, pull up a seat and enjoy some peaceful poetry.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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turtle reflection

Beauty is forsaken
Where no one sees
No one ventures
No one feels
Silence speaks
But no one listens
It’s too easy, too authentic
Pure and transparent
You wouldn’t look for yourself
In the mirror, would you?
Then why would you search for life
When it is there in front of you
Calling your name
Caressing your soul
Nurturing your body
Balancing your burdens
Blessing your every moment
Reflecting your heart
With the most radiant light of all
Did you know
That you are nature?




I am dedicating this post to tyler4turtles, a fellow blogger, a friend in nature and kindred spirit. His expertise, dedication and endless fascination with nature combined with his gift of poetry and photography make for the most amazing blog.

You can admire his work at The Ancient Eavesdropper