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Fall of Duty

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Out on a limb

Poised and pretty

She is downright gritty

Minutes slip fast

Beyond her grasp

She is stalling on a

Tight rope act

And there’s the twist

She is falling like a

Polished death spiral

Gone viral

Scruples clenched

In both hands



We are serving up some quadrilles at dVerse Poets Pub! What’s a quadrille? A poem with exactly 44 words and this week,  Grace has asked to include the word “twist”.

Writing 201- Day 2

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Hands out, eyes closed

Ugliness tied with a bow

Saccharin sweet and simulated

Here lie the ashes of integrity

Mincing words and morals

Over coffee and character

Never did you think

Ethics would be worth

Your weight in gold


Written for Writing 201 at The Daily Post. The word prompt was “gift” although this is a darker interpretation. I also accepted the challenge of writing it as an “acrostic” poem.

Linking this up for Open Link Night at dVerse.