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the murmur of an ice cold heart

beats to the rhythm of decay

dehydrated dreams die

withered in February’s wind

tears will never nourish




For Frank Hubeny’s “Meeting the Bar” prompt. The theme is brevity, specifically to write a poem with no more than 5 lines.  There’s still time to join in over at dVerse Poets Pub.

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Three Sails

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Rainbowed, razzle dazzled

Poised upon lavender skies

Steady handed horizon

Sea swirls capped in stark white

Murmurs of mustard froth

Blends of blue

Southwestern hues

Neon dreams adrift


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Written for Meeting the Bar. Bjorn is our host and he has asked us to take a closer look at impressionism to incorporate it into our poetry. We are painting with words. You can too.

Plain Sailing

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pic for octaine



Some days I’d like to sail away

On diamond studded oceans blue

A dazzle of my dreams come true


Horizons stretch beyond the bay

Stars for tracing, time erasing

Surrender burdens of yesterday


Life starts with taking breaths anew

Some days I’d like to sail away



Over at dVerse, Victoria C. Slotto has introduced the Octain Refrain, originally created by an English poet by the name of Luke Prater. The rhyme scheme is A-b-b,  a-c/c-a,  b-a

Eight syllables per line…I may have an extra one.


Seeds of the Milkweed

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I have to know

Mysteries make me mad

And wondering seems

A waste of time

When I was young I pried apart

Nature’s precious plants

To see, to feel, to know


I have to know

What’s inside and why?

What made you do

The things that you do?

Why do we follow as if

We are hollow?

What is the point

Of selfishness?


I have to know

Not why I am here

But why I don’t quite fit

Into this purposeless puzzle

We are now calling life

Children still cry

People still die

And so many watch

I have to know



A first person narrative poem is the prompt today at dVerse. Victoria has given us the freedom to write from our own point of view or that of another.


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I refer to dreams
Like entities when truly
They deserve description
Paradoxical mysteries of the mind?
Some things need to be left cryptic

I speak of serenity
Like I could find it on a map
GPS it in my dreams aspirations
Doldrums, lulls within the chaos
Would suffice

Hearts and havens
Thrive within phrases
And I too, fall for the obvious
Ancient shells, ancient trees
All a matter of preference

This is how I begin
“This” is a word I use often
My bona fide crutch
We, you and I
My launching pads for poetry

A word I would never use
Choppy, awkward
Rolls off the tongue like a rototiller


For dVerse Poet’s Pub, as we examine our word choices in poetry.

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