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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic III

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September 2015 094

Here is one last entry for “monochromatic”.

I know, I know…time to move on.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

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up close flower

This week’s photo challenge gave way to so many possibilities. I have been a bit of a macro maniac lately but I decided to take a fresh one after yesterday’s rain. I like the random shapes of the water droplets and the flower’s imperfections.

Beauty is never perfect.

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Brambles and Rambles

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August 2014 158

In all that I write

And all that I dream

Words cannot carry

My voice as it seems

To be lost in the shuffle

Of whispers and screams

Tepidly tiptoeing

Around the briars

Only to boldly

Dance in the fire

Passion suppressed

Is not passion at all

So I’ll rise to the summit

And take to the fall

In all that I write

And all that I feel

This is my story

This is my real