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Sunsets of Pelee

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Pelee Island is the most southern point of Ontario. Actually it is the most southern point of all of CANADA.

Canada is larger than the U.S.A.  (just sayin’)

In the summer months, temperatures range between 75 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit with fairly high humidity on the island. Where I live it is not uncommon for temperatures to be in the high 80’s or low 90’s with the humidex factor during the summer.

From Leamington or Kingsville, Ontario you travel by ferry on Lake Erie (with or without your vehicle) about an hour and a half to reach one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. Our American visitors can hop a ferry from Sandusky, Ohio.

What do you do on Pelee Island?


That’s the beauty of it.

You will not find a Starbucks, a McDonald’s or even a grocery store. There are only a few restaurants (no chains), a fabulous little bakery and some unique craft stores. Pelee Island Wineries has 550 acres of vineyards, tours and a pavilion where they let you “grill” (or barbeque as we say in Canada) your own meat for a minor fee as you sip on a glass of your favorite wine. (We spell favorite…”favourite”, by the way).

You can camp here but I would recommend a cottage or one of their unique B&B’s.

Pelee Island is a migratory paradise for many varieties of birds so there are lots of photo opportunities. Nature surrounds you here and without the convenience of internet or consistent cell phone service, you can easily succumb to it’s lure.

Then there is something we’ve come to refer to as the “Pelee wave”. It is courtesy here to wave at every car in the oncoming lane. If you don’t…well…you are just grumpy.

You can rent a bike and in about four hours, ride the perimeter of the island. Sandy beaches on one side. Rocky terrain on the other…equally beautiful.

But nothing beats the sunsets…