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Collaboration for Peace – 18

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Another collaboration brought to you by Candy and I. Have a peaceful day!



Image: Candace Kubinec


Out on a Limb


Hearts begin beating

With innocence

Untainted and pure

Helpless they long to be

Loved and nourished

Expecting nothing more

Than other hearts

To improvise

Join in, synchronized

To their sweet song


Land of Sunshine

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In this room

The sun always shines

Tiny smiles, twinkling little stars

All aglow against the sounds

Of first words and laughter

My clouds dissipate when I enter

For this is heaven on earth

The land of the most innocent minds

With so much time on their hands


I am greeted

Scrawny arms wrap around my legs

Wide eyes look up to meet mine

Am I worthy

Of all that they have placed in my heart?

We gather to watch the cardinals

Pecking at seeds through the snow

Our window, a floor to ceiling portal

To the world

All anew, nothing askew

Because this is the land

Of sunshine


rocking chair



For Open Link Night at dVerse…a little late for Mary’s poetic prompt which asked us to reflect on rooms or a room. I chose a room where I spend a significant portion of my day.

Collaboration for Peace-2

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Candy and I have been working on a project that we would like to call “Collaboration for Peace”. Here is our second creation, combining my photos with her haiku.  We hope to spread peace and hope throughout this community of poets. Who is Candy? You can find her at We are both members of Artists4Peace.




shore birds gather
along the beach like children
collecting treasures
© candace kubinec


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totomai martinez photo


Let me swim again
In pools of innocence
I will not surface for air
Until it is safe and pure
I will not speak with forked tongue
But sing only sweetly of stars
And cars and the buzzing of bees

Let me lay down again
In fields of pink moss
Where seeds of treason and trickery
Are not sown
I will feel joy
As eagles, not egos
Soar overhead

Let me be young again
Eyes wide with wonder
Waiting for the next miracle to unfold
I will not know of lies
No alibi, candy coated
Only love given graciously
Untainted and true


At dVerse, Mary introduced us to a talented photographer and poet named Totomai Martinez. Among thousands of amazing photos, this one spoke to me immediately.

Image credit: Yoshi by Totomai Martinez

Rainbows and Reveries

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Pelee Island 038

The blues and greens

The mist in between

The moments of yellow

Fade into the pink, I think

It’s more than a show

Colours of life do not fade

For they’re made of

You and me

Forts in the trees

Grass tickling toes

And sun burnt noses

Our hopes, our dreams

And all that seems

As possible as the rain