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I searched empty canyons

Pilfered through frozen hearts

Filtered facts from the cinders

Reflected from afar


I waited on ocean currents

Zephyrs for perfect sailing

All the while failing

To see my own stars



I am happy to be hosting our first Poetics for 2017 at our virtual pub,

The New Year has a way of restoring our hopes and aspirations, nudging us to set new goals, follow new dreams and create “new beginnings”. With this in mind, I decided to visually inspire you with the help of 8 wonderful artists. Although the titles of their work may be very similar, each piece is an example of their very unique styles. The fun begins at 3 p.m. EST. Hope you can join in!

Image credit: “New Beginning”  by Lynn and Jim Lemyre.

You can find more of their work at




Forever Rooted

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quadrille pic


Before the flood

Red maple trees stood majestic

Sweeping skies with wispy limbs

Bent on tickling castaway clouds

While chickadees played in the boughs


Lulled by waters weeping, seeping

The forest surrendered to the marsh

Stumps decayed, withered and weary

Forsaken but fastened still


Written for dVerse where Bjorn has asked us to write a quadrille of exactly 44 words.  Fun stuff.


The Fence

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White pickets pose

Tapered in alternate angles

Once stately, now weathered

Rain soaked

Naturally white washed

Time and sun chip away

Leaving peelable flakes

For someone’s obsession

Or therapy


A precarious division

Unstable, still standing

Warped, still grounded

Surrounded by the green

Of unruly blades, wind-bent

Identical meadow grasses

On either side


chip 2974


Today at dVerse Poets Pub, Victoria has asked us to write a poem using imagism. This highly descriptive style originated in the early 1900’s and focuses intensely on a single image. Metaphors are usually not included although an underlying meaning may be interpreted.