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Dear American Newscaster

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My country is so vast, and yet for some

reason you neglect our provinces, you say

“Fort McMurray, Canada” as if Alberta, the

size of Texas,  does not exist in this world

I can name nearly all of your fifty states, will

you please return the favo(u)r  and kindly end

this geography gap, look at a map, come on in

Identity is relevant, even for a wicked raging fire


For Open Link Night at dVerse, originally written for -“Meeting the Bar: The Golden Shovel Form”- where you choose a line from another poem and use each word in the line as an end word in your own poem. I used the following line “Some say the world will end in fire” from a poem called “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost. My thoughts have been with the 90,000 people in the Fort McMurray area evacuated from their homes and especially those who have no home to return to.


**Note: This poem is a “letter” to one particular news reporter although it is not the first time I have experienced this frustration.  It is only intended to be a gentle nudge to explore Canada, it’s distinct provinces and territories and not intended to offend my American friends, family or fellow poets.


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